eFood v10.1 is Released: What’s in the New Version?

eFood, the very first product of 6amTech, got a new upgrade recently. In the latest version 10.1, many useful and major features have been added with improvements for all users.  Here are the latest features of eFood at a glance: Admin Stock for Food Items Redirection from Notification Delivery from POS Email Templates Category Priority … Read more

12 Proven eCommerce Website Launch Checklist You Must Follow

eCommerce website launch checklist

Did you know that global eCommerce sales rocketed to a jaw-dropping $5.8 trillion? This number shows the extreme tendency of starting an eCommerce business. However, launching an eCommerce website is like baking a cake—get one ingredient wrong, and the whole thing could collapse. So it has to be perfectly executed.  I believe you’ve already done … Read more

Demandium v2.1 Released with Exciting New Features

Demandium Realease 2.1 News

Greetings, all! We are thrilled to share the exciting news of the new Demandium release v2.1. In this new update, many features and improvements have been added. Version 2.1 brings major feature updates that hugely benefit end-users and ultimately help Demandium owners to grow their businesses. This news is special as you will see the … Read more

The Importance of Multiple Languages in eCommerce Website

multiple languages in eCommerce website

Greetings, tech-savvy developers, visionary businessmen, and curious customers! Ever tried ordering a pizza in a language you didn’t quite understand? Hold onto your mouse because here’s a stat that’ll have your eyebrows reaching for the clouds: CSA Research shows 73% of customers prefer shopping in their mother tongue.  You can see how the languages that … Read more

6amTech at Career Connect Expo 2023 by JCI Dhaka Founders

career connect 6amTech JCI Dhaka Founders

6amTech, one of the growing tech companies in Bangladesh, is excited to announce its participation in the Career Connect Expo 2023, organized by JCI Dhaka Founders. This prestigious event will provide an excellent opportunity for top talent to connect with our dynamic company and explore career prospects. Event Schedule The Career Connect Expo 2023 is … Read more