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How to Edit Robots.txt File with 6amTech’s Products

How to Edit Robots txt File with 6amTechs Products

At 6amTech, our top priority is to ensure that each and every product we offer is up-to-date and equipped with the latest features. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients succeed in their respective eCommerce industries.  With this in mind, we’ve included the robots.txt file in our systems to ensure that search engine crawlers … Read more

404 Logs in 6amTech’s Products


“404 Logs” are just records kept by a web server. They keep track of when visitors hit a “404 error,” meaning the page they’re looking for isn’t found. These logs show details like when it happened, what page was missing, where they came from, and what device they used. It’s basically a way to keep … Read more

How to Set Up Robots Meta Content & OG Content in 6amTech’s Products


This knowledgeable document shares details about setting up Robots Meta Content and OG (Open Graph) Content using 6amTech’s products. These settings are crucial for optimizing your website’s visibility in search engines and social media platforms. Understanding Robots Meta Content Robots Meta Content, often referred to as Robots Meta Tags, are HTML tags that provide instructions … Read more

Getting Started with 6amTech’s Webmaster Tools Setting


Making your eCommerce site more SEO-optimized is what 6amTech aims to do. With our ‘webmaster tools setting’ feature, you will get better search results and more website traffic. In this value-based article, we’re going to walk you through everything about Webmaster tools and how to use them in 6amTech’s products. Definition of Webmaster Tools Webmaster … Read more

How to Add/Setup Canonical URLs in 6amTech’s Products


A canonical URL is the preferred version of a specific webpage. It represents the original or primary content source to avoid duplicate content issues. With canonical URLs, search engines understand which URL should be considered authoritative by consolidating ranking signals.  What is Canonical URL? A canonical URL is a special HTML link found in the … Read more

6amTech Organizes “Host The Founders” Event (Initiated by JCI Dhaka Founders)

6amTech Organizes “Host The Founders” Event (Initiated by JCI Dhaka Founders)

On 27th March, 6amTech arranged ”Host the Founders” event, an initiative of JCI Dhaka Founders. At our office premises, we brought together entrepreneurs, innovators, and mentors to share insights and support each other’s growth. It was Season 2 Episode 2 of the ‘Host the Founders’ event.  Attendees were treated to inspiring talks by 6amTech’s CEO … Read more

6amTech Launches 6Valley React Theme for Its Users

6Valley React Theme for Its Users

It’s a very exciting event for all of us as 6amTech launches yet another successful project for one of their star products- 6Valley, the 6Valley React theme. This premium theme is a game-changer for all the 6Valley enthusiasts, as it’s super fast and super interactive! What is 6Valley React Theme?  The 6Valley React is another … Read more

6amTech 2nd Table Tennis Tournament Finals: Champion Secures the Thailand Trip

Table Tennis Tournament Champion

On February 14th, 2024, 6amtech hosted the grand final match of the Table Tennis Tournament at their office premises. Team Sea-Sky and Team Error-404 went head to head, leaving the audience holding their breath in every serve and smash. The match started with the official announcement and a live Facebook broadcast to a global audience. … Read more

6amTech’s Extended License @ 50% OFF in CodeCanyon

Extended License 50% OFF in CodeCanyon

Forget the post holiday blues- enjoy a sale extraordinary this February. In this month of love, 6amTech introduces an exclusive sale on the Extended License of their products for their clients. You can enjoy a Flat 50% OFF on all 6amTech’s Products and addons on CodeCanyon Extended Licences. This campaign might be noteworthy for those … Read more