eFood v10.1 is Released: What’s in the New Version?

eFood, the very first product of 6amTech, got a new upgrade recently. In the latest version 10.1, many useful and major features have been added with improvements for all users.  Here are the latest features of eFood at a glance: Admin Stock for Food Items Redirection from Notification Delivery from POS Email Templates Category Priority … Read more

Demandium v2.1 Released with Exciting New Features

Demandium Realease 2.1 News

Greetings, all! We are thrilled to share the exciting news of the new Demandium release v2.1. In this new update, many features and improvements have been added. Version 2.1 brings major feature updates that hugely benefit end-users and ultimately help Demandium owners to grow their businesses. This news is special as you will see the … Read more

6amTech at Career Connect Expo 2023 by JCI Dhaka Founders

career connect 6amTech JCI Dhaka Founders

6amTech, one of the growing tech companies in Bangladesh, is excited to announce its participation in the Career Connect Expo 2023, organized by JCI Dhaka Founders. This prestigious event will provide an excellent opportunity for top talent to connect with our dynamic company and explore career prospects. Event Schedule The Career Connect Expo 2023 is … Read more

BITPA CONFERENCE 2023 – 6amTech Steps in as a Contributor

BITPA conference 2023

Bangladesh IT Professionals Association (BITPA) has organized the annual BITPA CONFERENCE 2023 (co-organized by Upwork Bangladesh). It is scheduled to take place at the prestigious venue, Zila Shilpokola Academy, Khulna, on 16 September 2023. 1000+ attendees are expected to join the conference, where 50+ talented and inspirational speakers will share their thoughts. There will also … Read more

Thailand is Calling: 6amTech Announces TT Tournament

6amTech Launches TT Tournament

“Sports are a great way to refresh mind and strengthen bondings.” 6amTech follows this motto and like the previous year, launches another Table Tennis tournament this year. But this time, 6amTech is sponsoring even bigger and more amazing prizes. Champion Prize: Thailand Trip. Runner-up Prize: Cox’s Bazar Trip. Trip Duration: 3 Days-2 Nights for both … Read more

6amTech Participated in Grand Day of devConf 1.0


devConf 1.0 … the buzzword spread mouth to mouth. It finally ended with a stellar segment- The ‘Grand Day’ at the Celebrity Convention Hall, Gulshan, on the 27th of May, 2023.  The 7-day event was curated virtually for 6 consecutive days, with a final physical meetup on the end day.  The event was in full … Read more

devConf 1.0: 6amTech Joins As A Partner Sponsor

6amTech joins as a partner sponsor

In a significant development for the tech community, Learn with Sumit is gearing up to host an eagerly anticipated Developers Conference that promises to bring together web developers, software companies, and industry leaders from around Bangladesh.  The event, which spans seven days from May 21 to 27, will serve as a melting pot of ideas, … Read more

Ramadan Gift Distribution Among Employees By 6amTech

Ramadan Gift Distribution Among Employees By 6amTech

In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan and the joyous occasion of Eid, 6amTech organized a special gift distribution program at its premises on 29 March, 2023. The initiative aimed to extend heartfelt greetings and appreciation to our employees, fostering a sense of unity, gratitude, and cultural inclusivity.  The gift selection process involved carefully … Read more