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6amTech 2nd Table Tennis Tournament Finals: Champion Secures the Thailand Trip

On February 14th, 2024, 6amtech hosted the grand final match of the Table Tennis Tournament at their office premises.

Team Sea-Sky and Team Error-404 went head to head, leaving the audience holding their breath in every serve and smash.

The match started with the official announcement and a live Facebook broadcast to a global audience. Team Sea-Sky and Team Error 404 displayed exceptional skill and determination, making the final match a gripping spectacle. In the end, it was Team Error 404 who lifted the trophy as champions and confirmed their seats for the Thailand trip.

table tennis tournament finals 2

Image: Some glimpse from the grand finale

One of the champion team members shared, “It wasn’t an easy battle, but our focus was always on the prize. I believe our determination was key to reaching this milestone. We acknowledge the efforts of our opponents & extend our gratitude to everyone who cheered us on.”

After the big match, the champion team played a friendly game with special guests, showing good sportsmanship and togetherness, which is what the tournament is about. The runner-up team also poured their heart and soul into the finale.

Champion Team: Error 404

Runner Up Team: Sea-Sky

In the prize-giving ceremony, participants were honored with trophies, medals, and giant dummy travel tickets for their remarkable achievements in different tournament categories. The prizes were categorized into the following:

Champion: Team Error 404 (Nur Zaman & Mostafizur Rahman)

Runners Up: Team Sea-Sky (Md. Riaj Uddin Riad & Md Hasan Patwary)

Player of the tournament: SK Julia Dain Nairit
Best Defender: Motiur Rahman
Best Chap Master: Akram Hossain

Along with these, all the participants got certificates of participation for their dedication and sportsmanship.

The ceremony was graced with the presence of the honorable CEO, CTO, and special guest SM Priyongkor Roy (Dip), who encouraged the participants and bestowed their presence into the long-awaited event.

Image: SM Priyongkor Roy (Dip), Special Guest

The CEO of 6ameTech, Sultan Mahamud, shared, “We are delighted to host another successful table tennis tournament, enriching our work environment by promoting a healthy balance between work, life, & entertainment.”

Image: Sultan Mahamud, CEO of 6ameTech

The CTO of 6amTech, Nipon Roy, said, “Everyone tried hard to win, and I appreciate their effort & good sportsmanship. I kept track of all the matches, and big congrats to the winning team.”

Image: Nipon Roy, CTO of 6amTech

Respected guest S M Priyangkar Roy expressed his excitement in a heartwarming speech, saying, “I was thrilled to witness such an exciting final here at 6amTech. Congratulations to all the participants for their skills and dedication.”

As the event drew to a close, each team and participant gathered together for a photo session and refreshments, bringing a perfect end to the day full of fun and celebration. 

From the thrilling matches to the heartfelt speeches and moments captured in photographs, this tournament showcased the power of sports to unite and inspire. Everyone bid farewell to the courts with hearts full of pride and memories that will last a lifetime.



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