Hexacom - Multi Branch Supported Single Vendor eCommerce System

Manage your entire business with Hexacom single vendor eCommerce (with multi branch sales operation) in a centralized admin panel.

What’s Included with Hexacom?

Hexacom has all the necessary panels, apps & websites to start your eCommerce business immediately!

Admin Panel

Add products, manage branches, and monitor all user activities centrally.

Branch Panel

Branch managers can manage their branch sales and view sales reports.

User Website

Customers can explore products and make a purchase from the website.

Customer App

Customers have their own mobile app for a personalized checkout experience.

Deliveryman App

Deliverymen can ensure seamless product delivery and keep admin updated.

Best Fits for Fashion & Accessories eCommerce Brands

Hexacom is a compact solution for fashion & accessories brands that want to go online with their businesses.

Best Features of Hexacom

Dive into the best features of Hexacom and see why your business needs this solution so much.

Dedicated Branch Panel

Get dedicated panels for all branches and view branch-wise order reports.

Product Management

Add, create and manage products, categories, and attributes for customers. 

Promotional Banners

Add promotional banners for specific products or categories to boost sales. 

Discount Coupon

Give discounts to your customers on a special occasion or for a first purchase.

Order Management

Manage both online and offline orders and change order status from history. 

Bulk Import & Export

Import product details from other sources or export details from the admin panel. 

Built-in POS System

A free built-in POS system for admin and all branch panels for manual orders. 

Digital Payments

Allow customers to easily choose from their favorite digital payment methods. 

Cash on Delivery

Enable cash on delivery system for convenient payment system for customers. 

Self-Pickup Service

Add the self-pickup option for customers to collect products at a suitable time. 

Deliveryman Management

Manage all deliverymen and ensure a seamless customer delivery experience.

Track & Manage Order

Manage all orders by tracking, changing order status, and assigning deliveryman. 

Social Media Chats

Enable social media chats for customers via WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger. 

Reports & Analytics

View earning, order, deliveryman, product and sale reports from the admin panel. 

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to customers on a special event or campaign announcement. 

OTP & Login

Set up OTP & login verification of customers to enhance account security. 

Delivery Fee Setup

Add minimum delivery charge per kilometer by distance and default delivery charges. 

Ratings & Reviews

View ratings and reviews from customers on your products and delivery services. 

Dashboard with Reporting

Get a quick report of business analytics, earning graphs, business overview, etc.

RTL & LTR Enabled

Add multiple languages to your system with RTL & LTR enabled feature. 

Light/Dark Mode

Experience both light/dark mode for web app, customer app, and deliveryman app.   

Social Login Option

Enable login option with social media accounts such as Google and Facebook. 

    Famous Third Party Integration Facility

    With Hexacom, you can integrate the world’s renowned payment & SMS gateways for your customer's flexibility.

    Payment Methods & Gateways

    SMS Gateways

    Your Business, Your Products, Your Profit. It’s All Yours!

    Give your business the digital touch & reach 10x more customers with Hexacom. As you’re the owner of your business, the profit is all yours!

    Modern Technology Used for Cross-Platform Efficiency

    We’ve implemented all the modern technologies that you need to sustain your eCommerce business with cross-platform usability.

    How Does Hexacom Work?

    Doing business using Hexacom is hassle-free. All you need to do is follow the steps, and your eCommerce will be up and running.

    Set up

    Configure the admin panel and set up business information, rules, and third parties to get started.


    Add one or multiple branches to your business through the admin panel so branches can handle sales independently.


    Add product categories & attributes and add new products to your system. So customers can find it easily.


    Manage promotional activities by adding discount coupons & promotional banners to increase sales.


    Receive orders from multiple sources- online and offline. You can also manage manual orders with built-in POS.


    Ensure a smooth operation by maintaining real-time contact with all users of your business via live chat, and call.


    Add new deliveryman, review joining requests, and assign orders to nearby deliveryman from the admin panel.

    & Analytics

    Get real-time reports of your business transactions and analyze the cash in-flow and out-flow for decision-making.

    Hexacom Pricing

    Here’s a detailed overview of how much you need to invest in Hexacom.

    Regular License

    $29 $14

    Start your project with the regular license and enjoy all premium features with lifetime updates!

    Simplified Installation, Setup, and Launch

    Starting your business with Hexacom is a straightforward process. You can review our documentation and do the system installation on your own, or you can opt for a hassle-free experience while we handle the entire installation for you while you take care of your business.

    Hexacom FAQs

    Let’s see what users ask most frequently about Hexacom.

    1. What is Hexacom?

    Hexacom is a multi branch supported single vendor eCommerce solution that comes with a Laravel admin panel and Flutter user app. With Hexacom, you can add one or multiple branches, product sales, and delivery from a single point. 

    With Hexacom, you can start any fashion and lifestyle eCommerce business as a single brand. Such as fashion brands, shoe & leather goods, accessories, baby items, etc. 

    Once you purchase the Hexacom source code, you get the complete package that includes an admin panel, branch panel, customer website, customer app, and deliveryman app. 

    Build Your eCommerce with Hexacom Today!