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GroFresh - Multi Branch Supported eCommerce Solution for Grocery, Pharmacy & More

GroFresh is the ultimate single vendor eCommerce solution (with multi branch support) if you want to take your grocery, pharmacy, or other businesses online.

What’s Included with Grofresh?

Get all the essential components that are ready to bring your single vendor eCommerce business to life!

Admin Panel

Manage products, promotions, users and branches, all from the admin panel.

Branch Panel

Dedicated branch panel for all branches for managing online & offline sales.

Customer App

Cross-platform mobile app for customers for a modernized user experience.

Deliveryman App

Specialized app for deliverymen for easy delivery management & communication.

User Website

A user website for everyone to explore and purchase products just like the app.

Scan the QR code to download the app

QR Code Demo GroFresh User APP V7.4

Scan the QR code to download the app

QR Code Demo GroFresh Deliveryman APP V7.4

Specialized in All eCommerce Niches

GroFresh is developed keeping all product-based eCommerce industries in mind. So you can start your business online with a flick!

Grofresh - Specialized in All eCommerce Niches
grofresh - specialized in all- ecommerce niches-1

Best Features of GroFresh

Let’s find out the best features of GroFresh that help any Grocery eCommerce store to magnify their business in the market.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solutio Multiple Languages with RTL Features

Multiple Languages with RTL

Add any languages (LTR/RTL) according to your customers to give them a native feel.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solutio Multiple Currencies Support Features

Multiple Currencies Support

Choose the currency of your choice from the admin panel with multi-currency support. 

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Dedicated Branch Panel Features

Dedicated Branch Panel

Branch managers can manage branch-wise orders and admin gets the real-time update. 

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Quick Product Management Features

Quick Product Management

Add and manage categories, products and attributes right from the admin panel.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Order Management Features

Order Management

Receive online and offline orders from customers in the admin panel & all branch panels.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Scheduled Delivery Features

Scheduled Delivery

Customers can choose their preferred time for delivery during checkout from app or web.

Self Pickup Option

Customers can pick up their deliveries all by themselves if they choose self pickup.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Cash on Delivery Features

Cash on Delivery

Customers can complete payments after getting the products they have ordered in hand.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Coupons and Discounts Features

Coupons & Discounts

Create various discount coupons, generate coupon codes, and set coupon usage limit. 

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Push Notification Features

Push Notification

Let your customers know about events and campaigns via the push notification feature.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Multiple Payment Methods Features

Multiple Payment Methods

Enable multiple payment methods while checkout such as COD, Digital and Offline.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Employee Management Features

Employee Management

Manage your employees and their roles effectively from the admin panel of GroFresh.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Central Dashboard Features

Central Dashboard

Get business information at a glance from the dashboard and make informed decisions.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Wallet and Loyalty Points Features

Wallet & Loyalty Points

Enable wallets and loyalty points to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Ratings & Reviews

Be transparent yet in control of product ratings and reviews from your customers.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Light and Dark Mode Features

Light & Dark Mode

Enjoy light & dark modes in the entire system and apps make it super personalized.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Email and Phone Verification Features

Email & Phone Verification

Verify all the users of your system during login using email and phone verification.

Grofresh - eCommerce Solution Deliveryman Self Registration Features

Deliveryman Self Registration

Enable deliveryman self registration for anyone to be part of your growing business.

    Integrate with World-Class Third-Party APIs

    The GroFresh script is easy to install and configure. You can add the world-class third party payment & SMS gateways for convenient functionality.

    Payment Methods & Gateways

    6cash-stripe logo
    grofresh-liqpay logo
    6cash-paypal logo
    6cash-razorpay logo
    6cash-razorpay logo
    6cash-sslcommerz logo
    6cash-mercado pago logo
    6cash-sslcommerz logo
    6cash-mercado pago logo
    6cash-flutterwave logo
    6cash-bkash logo
    grofresh-senang pay logo
    6cash-flutterwave logo
    6cash-bkash logo
    grofresh-senang pay logo
    6cash-paymob accept-logo
    grofresh-paytabs logo
    6cash-Paystack logo

    SMS Gateways

    Grofresh-Twilio logo
    Grofresh-Nexmo Logo
    Grofresh-MSG91 Logo
    Grofresh-2factor Logo

    Go Digital & Make More Profit with Grofresh!

    What yours are yours! Digitalize your Grocery business with GroFresh, reach more audiences and make the most of multiple branch supported eCommerce.

    Grofresh - Go Digital and Make More Profit with us
    Grofresh - Expand Your Business on All Platforms

    Expand Your Business on All Platforms

    With the help of the latest technologies and our creative minds, we made GroFresh cross-platform compatible.

    How Does GroFresh Work?

    We’ve ensured the easiest operation process in the GroFresh solution for the admin. Just follow the steps to run your business.

    Up Business

    First, configure your admin panel and establish your business information, rules and third-party APIs to be prepared for the market.


    After that, use the admin panel to include branches. Branches can manage own sales, while you can manage them from the admin panel.


    Then, include product categories & attributes and add new items to your system. Make sure customers can easily purchase them.


    After that, implement effective promotional activities by creating discounts, coupons & banners that will drive more sales.


    Now, collect orders from various channels, both online and offline. Additionally, simplify manual orders through the integrated POS system.


    Then, ensure easy operations by adding live communication with all your business users through live chat, calls, and location services.


    After that, manage your deliverymen from the admin panel, like adding new ones, reviewing joining requests and assigning deliveries.

    Insights & Reports

    Get real-time reports of your business transactions and analyze the cash in-flow and out-flow for decision-making.

    GroFresh Pricing

    Get started with your grocery eCommerce business at an affordable price.

    Regular License


    Now, It’s time to start your project! Get all the premium features & lifetime updates facility with GroFresh.

    Ready? Set…Launch…!

    Ready to start your journey with GroFresh? All you have to do is install, configure and publish your system. We have proper documentation that will guide you to install the script. But if you want, we can handle the technical part while you can take care of your business.

    Grofresh - See Script Installation Plans, configure and publish your system
    Grofresh - FAQs

    GroFresh FAQs

    Let’s see what users ask most frequently about GroFresh.

    1. What is GroFresh?

    GroFresh is a multi branch supported Grocery eCommerce and online store solution. It comes with the admin panel, branch panel, user app, website and delivery man app.

    Sure! You can add as many branches as you own in the GroFresh system. 

    With GroFresh, you can add promotional banners, coupons, push notifications, flash sales, and category discounts to promote your products. 

    Creating manual orders is quite simple in GroFresh. Using the built-in POS admin and branches can take orders from walking customers.

    Grow Your Grocery eCommerce with GroFresh Today!