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6amTech Launches 6Valley React Theme for Its Users

It’s a very exciting event for all of us as 6amTech launches yet another successful project for one of their star products- 6Valley, the 6Valley React theme. This premium theme is a game-changer for all the 6Valley enthusiasts, as it’s super fast and super interactive!

What is 6Valley React Theme?

The 6Valley React is another cutting-edge theme launched by 6amTech. It’s developed using the React JavaScript library, which is renowned for its efficiency, flexibility, and performance. 
Developers can experience a highly responsive theme with maximum performance optimization power. The React web app focuses on speed and efficiency.

Who can Use 6Valley React?

If you already own the 6Valley solution, you can purchase the 6Valley React theme right away!

Why Choose 6Valley React?

Here are the most important reasons why you should choose 6Valley React: 

  • Lightning-fast performance: 6Valley React ensures the fastest load time to enhance user engagement and conversion. 
  • Modern design, interactive experience: The UI/UX is designed to appeal to the aesthetics of the web app and create immersive and intuitive experiences.
  • Learning curve: 6Valley React’s straightforward syntax and comprehensive documentation make it relatively easy for any developer to easily understand the coding structure.
  • Future-Proof Technology: With continuous updates and advancements, 6Valley React remains at the forefront of web development technology. 

How to Integrate 6Valley React Theme to Your 6Valley System?

After purchasing 6Valley React theme, you need to integrate it to your existing 6Valley system. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Download the 6Valley React theme (.zip file) from CodeCanyon
  2. Sign in to the admin panel of 6Valley.
  3. Scroll down the left menu bar and go to the System Settings section.
  4. Select React Website Configuration
  5. Add React License Code & React Domain

Click ‘Save’ to continue.

6Valley React Website Configuration

Note: After activating this theme, previous themes (Default or Aster will be disabled in the system).

That’s all for the new 6Valley React Theme. Let’s make your eCommerce project extra ordinary with 6Valley! 

Follow 6amTech to know all the latest news about our product’s releases and updates.



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