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6amTech Organizes “Host The Founders” Event (Initiated by JCI Dhaka Founders)

On 27th March, 6amTech arranged ”Host the Founders” event, an initiative of JCI Dhaka Founders. At our office premises, we brought together entrepreneurs, innovators, and mentors to share insights and support each other’s growth. It was Season 2 Episode 2 of the ‘Host the Founders’ event. 

6amTech's CEO Sunny Sultan and CTO Nipon Roy

Attendees were treated to inspiring talks by 6amTech’s CEO Sunny Sultan and CTO Nipon Roy. They shared their remarkable journey, challenges, and success story, including the company expansion and impactful journey in developing eCommerce software for Envato. 

Founding President of JCI Dhaka Founders, M Asif Rahman

Former Founding President of JCI Dhaka Founders, M Asif Rahman, provided invaluable discussions and mentorship to aspiring founders with his expert guidance. While the Current President, Md Nahid Hasan Kaysar delivered insightful talks on business perspectives.

JCI Bangladesh Host the Founders Event

With over 35 founders in attendance, the event served as a platform for networking, collaboration, and community-building. The purpose of the “Host the Founders” event is to showcase how entrepreneurship is important and how mentorship helps new leaders grow.

As an organization committed to innovation and empowerment, 6amTech is proud to support initiatives like “Host the Founders” that contribute to the growth and development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For more information on our involvement in community events and initiatives, stay tuned to 6amTech’s website and social media channels.

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