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6amMart vs. StackFood: Which is Suitable for Your eCommerce Business?

Having your own eCommerce marketplace is great! But having a multi vendor marketplace where other businesses can join your platform and do business? EVEN BETTER. 

Many of you have this pressing question in mind: What’s the difference between 6amMart and StackFood? In today’s blog, I’ll tell you all about it and help you make an informed decision in your eCommerce business journey. 

So, let’s start! 

What You’ll Learn From This Blog: 

✅ The similarities and differences of 6amMart & StackFood

✅ Pricing Comparison 

✅ Business Scope

✅ Deliverable comparison

✅ Which one to choose for your eCommerce business

Keep reading till the end to find a surprise waiting for you 😉 


6amMart is a complete multi vendor eCommerce solution that includes a Laravel admin panel, store panel and app, user app and website, business landing page, deliveryman app, etc. But wait. Here’s a catch. With 6amMart, you can launch multiple businesses simultaneously, also known as the ‘multi module feature’. 

And for each module, you can onboard different sellers/stores to your system. The modules are- grocery, pharmacy, eCommerce shop, online food delivery, and parcel. So where do you, the admin, make the money? Well, it’s pretty simple. Sellers sell their products to the customers using your platform, and you get a commission from every sale. This is the first earning method for you (the admin). 

But there are some more interesting ways to make money from 6amMart. Before explaining other methods of generating profits with 6amMart, let’s walk you through some background. 

The 6amMart eCommerce solution has two categories of deliverymen: salary-based and freelance. The salary-based deliverymen are usually the ones that are in-house employees whom you pay on a monthly basis. However, the freelance deliverymen work independently, and you can set a commission rate on the delivery charge. Pretty cool, right? 

So, another earning method is from freelance deliverymen, apart from conventional commission on orders. There is one more major earning method, my friend. Which is the parcel module. You see, there’s no seller or vendor in the parcel module. It’s only you, the admin, who’s solely doing the parcel delivery service business using your platform and deliverymen. So it’s a total win-win!  

Total earning method in 6amMart:

✅ Commission on orders (from stores)

✅ Commission on delivery charges (from freelance deliverymen)

✅ Parcel delivery 

✅ Additional fee setup (platform fee, maintenance fee, etc.)

Now, let’s see what StackFood has in the plate for you 😉 


StackFood is a multi restaurant online food ordering and delivery solution. With StackFood, you’ll get all the essential solutions that you need to launch and operate your food delivery business smoothly. This includes a Laravel admin panel, restaurant panel, restaurant app, deliveryman app, customer app, Flutter web app, etc. 

So, where does the money come from? Well, it’s quite similar to 6amMart, but there’s a catch. Apart from default commissions on orders and commissions on delivery charges from freelance deliverymen, there are other ways you can earn from restaurants. How? Let me explain. In the StackFood online food ordering solution, there are two business models for restaurants. One is commission-based, and the other is subscription-based. 

In the commission-based business model, you, the admin, will receive commissions upon each sale a restaurant generates on food. In the subscription-based business model, the restaurant pays you in a recurring process within 7,15, or 30 days. In both cases, you’ll be benefiting from the system. Isn’t it amazing? 

Total earning method in StackFood:

✅ Commission on orders (from commission-based restaurants)

✅ Subscription payments (from subscription-based restaurants)

✅ Commission on delivery charges (from freelance deliverymen)

✅ Additional fee setup (platform fee, maintenance fee, etc.)

So, What do 6amMart and StackFood Have to Offer?

If we sum up the above two sections of this blog, you can see what both systems are, what they offer, and how you’ll benefit from each individual solution. The table below will help you better understand-

SolutionsDeliverables Admin’s Earning Method 

✅ Admin Panel
▶️Default Commission on Order
▶️ Commission on Delivery Charge
▶️ Additional Charge
▶️ Parcel delivery 
✅ Store Panel
✅ Store App
✅ User App
✅ Flutter Web App
✅ React User Website
✅ Deliveryman App
✅ Business Website for Admin

✅ Admin Panel▶️ Default Commission on Order from restaurants 
▶️ Commission on Delivery Charge
▶️ Additional Charge
▶️ Recurring Payment from subscription-based restaurants
✅ Restaurant Panel
✅ Restaurant App
✅ Customer App
✅ Flutter Web App
✅ React Website
✅ Business Website for Admin
✅ Deliveryman App
DemoTest 6amMart DemoTest StackFood Demo

Table 1: Deliverables and Earning Methods of 6amMart & StackFood 

Similarities between 6amMart and StackFood

Before we analyze the differences, it’s important for you to understand why others get easily perplexed by these two solutions. In this particular section of the blog, I’m going to discuss the similarities between 6amMart and StackFood and what they have in common.

Features 6amMartStackFood
Type of Marketplace Multi vendorMulti restaurant 
User-wise Solutions
React User Website
Multiple Zone-wise Business
Multiple Earning Method
Cash on Delivery (COD)
Multi-language (with RTL)
Guest Checkout
Digital Payment
Wallet & Loyalty Point
Firebase Push Notification
Order Refunds
Built-in POS System 
Dashboard & Reporting
Promotions Management 
Veg/Non-veg Option 

Table 2: Common Features of 6amMart & StackFood

Differences Between 6amMart vs. StackFood

Now for the crucial part that you’ve been waiting for since the beginning of this blog- what really sets 6amMart and StackFood apart? Don’t worry. After reading this section, things will be crystal clear.

Though these two solutions share multiple similarities, yet, there is a silver lining that sets them apart. 

Here are the differences between 6amMart vs StackFood:

Business MethodMulti vendorMulti restaurant
Multiple Module ManagementYes. Grocery, pharmacy, eCommerce shop, online food delivery, and parcel.Only online food delivery
Parcel Delivery Solution
Module-wise Dashboard No. Because there’s only one module-Food
Subscription Orders 
Product Categories & AttributesOnly Food Categories & Attributes
Deliveryman Shift Setup
Themes Only React theme availableReact theme + other 2 themes available for user app
Instant Order
Business ModelOnly Commission-basedCommission & Subscription-based
Integrate External Landing Page

Table 3: Differences between 6amMart & StackFood

6amMart vs. StackFood- Which One to Choose?

It’s time for the burning issue- which one should you choose for your eCommerce business? 6amMart or StackFood? 

Let’s start by setting up your business goal. 
Do you plan to launch a multi restaurant online food delivery service platform? Then go for StackFood. Because StackFood is an industry-leading online food ordering platform and delivery solution loved by thousands around the world. It specializes in streamlining the restaurant-wise food ordering and delivery business, managing multiple restaurants and deliverymen from a single platform, and ensuring on-time, perfect home deliveries and takeaways for the customers.

If your goal is bigger and you plan to go beyond just an online food delivery platform, 6amMart is the best choice you’ll make in your life. Why? With 6amMart, you can not only launch an online food delivery platform but also a grocery, pharmacy, eCommerce, and parcel delivery service. All can be done by onboarding multiple vendors from a single solution, which is 6amMart. 
Pro Tip: You can add unlimited business modules apart from the ones I mentioned above. But here’s the great part- you can easily switch off any module and launch it according to your marketing and business plan, you know 😉 

Author Note

As you’ve reached the bottom of the blog, I’m sure you’ve got all your answers. The one thing you should keep in mind is that neither 6amMart nor StackFood is a competitor to one another. Both solutions are great. Both solutions are helping businesses thrive worldwide. What really matters is your business choice and goals. So choose wisely! 

One thing is assured. No matter which solution you choose, team 6amTech has the best to offer from their plate! 

✅ Clean code

✅ Free updates on every release

✅ 6-months free bug support

✅ Premium installation & customization services

✅ Dedicated technical support specialists to help you with all your queries

I’m confident that, after reading this blog, you will make an informed decision about 6amMart vs. StackFood- which product to choose. 

See you in the next blog 🙂


1. Can I purchase both StackFood and 6amMart together?

Of course, you can.

2. Can I integrate StackFood and 6amMart?

It is usually not needed as 6amMart already has a food delivery module. But you can integrate some unique features from StackFood and integrate with 6amMart or vice-versa through customization.

3. What is the best feature of StackFood?

According to the clients, StackFood’s best feature is the subscription-based business model for both restaurants and customers.

4. What is the best feature of 6amMart?

6amMart is famously known for its multiple businesses that can be managed from a single platform- grocery, food, pharmacy, eCommerce, and parcel delivery service.

5. What is the main difference between 6amMart vs. StackFood?

6amMart is multi module and multi vendor eCommerce solution while StackFood is a multi restaurant online food ordering and delivery solution.

Shamsi Nur

Shamsi Nur

Say hello to Shamsi! A words warrior behind the tech scenes. She can slice and dice complex tech talk into everyday narratives. Shamsi aims to make tech simple and friendly so everyone feels welcome in the digital world. When not weaving words, you might find her talking to plants and doodling here and there!

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