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6amMart vs Demandium: What's The Difference?

eCommerce has changed the way we shop, take services, and do business. The rapid change in consumer behavior and expectation of getting products or services delivered at their home has made this change possible. 

Seeing all the possibilities and advantages you might be thinking of launching your own eCommerce business. Even if it feels like you’re late, you’re actually not!

The best time to start a business was ten years ago and the second best time is now! 

But it can get confusing when you’re choosing the eCommerce marketplace or solution for your business niche.

–  What would be the best solution to go for? 

–  What new markets have expanded in recent years?

–  Which eCommerce platform or solution matches your business’ vision, goals, and culture?

If these questions are going through your head – you have come to the right place. In this blog, I’ll share details about 2 industry-leading solutions – 6amMart and Demandium. Two solutions serve two different purposes – so whatever business idea you have you’re getting a full package launch-ready solution from these to achieve your goals. 

Let’s get started! 

Key takeaways from this blog: 

  • The similarities and differences between 6amMart and Demandium
  • Pricing comparison  
  • Deliverable comparison
  • Which one to choose for your eCommerce business 


6amMart is a complete multi vendor and multi purpose eCommerce solution for different types of businesses. With 6amMart, you as an admin can effortlessly manage multiple businesses under one roof. 

The solution is developed using PHP language along with Laravel and Flutter framework. It comes with a Laravel admin panel, store panel, store app, user app, user website, and business landing page. 

Whether you want to launch a grocery, pharmacy, eCommerce shop, online food delivery, or parcel business – you can set up all these businesses and onboard different stores for each module using this system. It is fit for any industry and adaptable to your business needs. 

With 6amMart’s advanced and unique order processing models, no order goes unnoticed. Also for the admin, it comes with a detailed and user-friendly dashboard to manage and control the business without any hassle. 

Wondering how you can generate profit as an admin using 6amMart? Well, the system lets you earn through multiple revenue streams. You can get order-wise commission from each sale from the stores, delivery commissions from the freelance deliverymen, and direct revenue from the parcel module. 

The parcel delivery service is solely your business as an admin – no outside seller or no store. So all the revenue generated from here is totally yours. 

Now let’s have a look at Demandium’s offerings.


Demandium is a multi provider on demand service marketplace solution. With Demandium, you can fulfill your customers’ needs through faster delivery of services or products. By helping your customers in times of emergency through on demand business you can grow your business as well as gain customers’ trust. 

Demandium comes with an admin panel, provider panel, provider app, serviceman app, user app, Flutter web app, and business website. It is built using PHP programming language with frameworks like Flutter and Laravel. 

Whether you want to launch your business in-home services, beauty & wellness, event services, or any other on demand service – Demandium provides a seamless solution for all. It uses modern technologies to ensure a cross-platform performance. 

As an admin, you can make a profit by setting up a default commission rate to get paid for each transaction. Also, you get the option to charge additionally for platform fees, service charges, etc. 

One of the best features is its smart search analytics. With this, you can see popular searches for a specific keyword or service. It also shows data like search volume and customer analytics to help you understand which services are performing well, which are most in demand, and which aren’t fulfilling expectations. 

What Comes With 6amMart and Demandium?

To assist you in your decision-making process, let’s review the features of these two systems and see what each one has to offer.

Solutions 6amMartDemandium
Deliverables ✅ Admin Panel
✅ Store Panel
✅ Store App
✅ User App
✅ Flutter Web App
✅ React User Website
✅ Deliveryman App
✅ Business Website for Admin
✅ Admin Panel
✅ Provider Panel
✅ User App
✅ Flutter Web App
✅ Provider App
✅ Serviceman App 
✅ Business Website for Admin
Admin’s Earning Method ▶️ Order-wise commission for each sale 
▶️ Delivery commission from freelance deliveryman 
▶️ Direct revenue from the parcel module 
▶️ Additional charge
▶️ Default commission from each transaction 

▶️ Additional charge for booking 

Demo Link Test 6amMart DemoTest Demandium Demo

Table 1: Deliverables and Earning Methods

What are the similarities between 6amMart and Demandium?

Both 6amMart and Demandium share some similarities. Although they serve different eCommerce purposes, there are some common features that you will find in these solutions.

Features 6amMartDemandium 
Type of Marketplace Multi-vendorMulti provider 
User-wise Solutions
Multiple Zone-wise Business
Multiple Earning Method
Cash on Delivery (COD)
(Known as Cash after Service)
Multi-language (with RTL)
Guest Checkout
Digital Payment
Wallet & Loyalty Point
Firebase Push Notification
Dashboard & Reporting
Promotions Management 
Partial Payment 
Landing Page Setup
Employee Management 

Table 2: Common Features of 6amMart & Demandium

What are the Differences Between 6amMart and Demandium?

Now comes the most important part. If there are so many similarities between these two systems then what’s the point of having two separate solutions? Well, there is! 

Let’s have a look at the differences between 6amMart and Demandium to understand the solutions more clearly:

Business MethodMulti vendorMulti provider 
Multiple Module ManagementYes. Grocery, pharmacy, eCommerce shop, online food delivery, and parcel.Only on demand services 
Parcel Delivery Solution
Module-wise Dashboard No. Because there are only different service-based business options not module-based
Verify Bookings / Orders 
Customized Request
Category & Sub-Category SetupModule wise Zone wise 
React website  
Marketing Analytics
Request New Service/ Item Available but only stores can avail of this featureAvailable for all users of the system 
Integrate External Landing Page
Custom Bidding 
Built-in POS

Table 3: Differences between 6amMart & Demandium

6amMart vs Demandium – Which One to Choose?

It’s time to weigh up the options to start your dream eCommerce business. First, you need to have a clear business goal. Setting a business goal would do more than half of the work. 

If your goal is to provide customers a platform where they can get services like painting & renovation, house cleaning, car service, etc – then simply go for the industry leading on  demand eCommerce solution- Demandium. It lets you build a one-stop solution platform for daily life home service business. 

As on demand businesses are thriving, it’s the best time to get your hands on this industry with the best solution possible. This ready-to-launch solution will let you grow your business through multiple expert providers signing up and subscribing to the services on the platform.

Now if you want to do business on different eCommerce modules under one roof – then 6amMart is the ultimate multivendor solution for you. It lets you centrally control and operate the business with multiple modules (grocery, food, pharmacy, etc), unlimited vendors, and products. 

Built using Laravel and Flutter framework it comes with a complete and responsive package to build your dream business. This solution lets you add unlimited business modules apart from the ones that exist within the system. As an admin, you get the full power to control which modules are visible and which doesn’t.

Wrapping Up

First, I want to clarify that neither of these solutions (6amMart or Demandium) is a competitor or replacement of the other. Both serve different business goals and business areas. But the most common thing is both serve the leading and growing business industries. 

I hope after reading this blog, you can now give your business idea a dimension to take the next step. Whether you choose 6amMart or Demandium – just know that these solutions would make your business unique, advanced, and up-to-date. 

See you in the next blog!


Can I customize the branding and appearance of the storefront if I purchase 6amMart or Demandium?

Yes, you can customize the branding and appearance of the storefront if you buy either of these two solutions.

Is there a trial period or demo available if I want to try out these solutions?

You can try the free demo of both Demandium and 6amMart to get the full experience of these systems.

What level of technical support will I get if I purchase any of these solutions?

If you have any queries or need assistance with launching your eCommerce business, 6amTech’s support team is available to help you out. They offer both installation and customization services to provide you with the best possible technical support. Since they build both platforms, they have an in-depth understanding of the products and can offer expert guidance.

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