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20 Top eCommerce Business Ideas to Get Started

“Let’s leave everything and start a business. I’ve so many eCommerce business ideas in mind, and I can’t wait to explain them to you, my pal!” It’s one of the most common conversations we have had with our friends at least once. And even if we jotted down everything for the plan, there was always something coming up to change our tracks to being everything but entrepreneurs. 

As ideas are the building blocks of all the successful businesses we see today, it’s important to know which one to pursue, especially in this leading eCommerce industry. Even if your long-lost dream of being an entrepreneur wasn’t fulfilled back then, there’s always a chance to start anytime. It’s better to start rather than just plan, and it’s even better to start in the right direction. 

The online business opportunities are increasing, and so is the competition. Starting today without thinking about the most profitable eCommerce business ideas will be a waste of time. 
As online business opportunities increase, so does competition. If you’re still trying to figure out what could be the most profitable eCommerce business ideas, you’re already late. So, to save you time, energy, and investment, this blog will highlight 20 eCommerce business ideas that will help you get started in the right direction – towards success!

Benefits of Starting an eCommerce Business

Having the “whys” in your head about eCommerce is normal. As it’s expected to have an amount of 3.2bn users in the eCommerce market by 2029, there’s a huge possibility for entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. 

The benefits of starting an eCommerce business- 

  • Lower costs – As there’s no need for physical stores or rent-paying, eCommerce businesses typically require lower startup costs and overhead expenses
  • Global Reach – With eCommerce businesses, there are no limitations to reach. It helps you break through geographical barriers and increase your customer base. 
  • 24/7 Availability – Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce stores are available 24 hours a day. Customers can browse through the website at any time of the day. Thus, increasing sales is possible. 
  • Scalability – To meet the ongoing market demands, there’s always a possibility of scaling your business if you’re in the eCommerce industry. 
  • Targeted Marketing – Using advanced marketing and analytics tools makes it easier for eCommerce businesses to do personalized marketing and promotion for growth. 
  • Flexibility and Convenience – eCommerce allows business owners to manage their business from anywhere in the world. They just need their device and internet connection. This is a convenient way for both the business owners and their customers. 

20 Best and Unique eCommerce Business Ideas

This section will give you 20 unique eCommerce business ideas based on niches. The categorization will help you easily find and decide which one to go for. 

With each niche, we will share their demands in the market, a few unique business ideas under those niches, where these categories are most popular, and many more. So, let’s dive into the pool of ideas! 

1. Food eCommerce Business

As consumer preference changed remarkably after the COVID period, food eCommerce businesses are growing and generating revenue like never before. The food eCommerce industry offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into.

It refers to the buying and selling food products and related services through online platforms.

Unique business ideas for food eCommerce business: 

  • Farm-to-table meal delivery items platform to offer customers the convenience of fresh, locally sourced ingredients delivered straight to their door.
  • Customized meal kits based on dietary preferences or health goals.
  • Specialty spice blends platform to develop and sell unique spice blends and seasoning mixes inspired by different global cuisines.

Demand: The demand for food eCommerce is increasing, especially in busy urban areas. As people want the best in the least amount of time, businesses are trying to serve them at their doorsteps with organic, fresh, and ready-to-eat foods. That’s why the usage of food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Foodpanda has also increased. 

Market Size: The global food eCommerce market is expected to reach USD 566038.25 million by 2027.

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high due to competition, food safety regulations, and supply chain management.
Most Popular in: United States of America, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, etc.

2. Grocery eCommerce Business

During the pandemic shoppers were more in search of convenience in terms of shopping groceries. This surge in demand has created significant opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate and capitalize on the evolving market trends. Grocery eCommerce involves the buying and selling of grocery items and household essentials through online platforms. 

Unique Business Ideas for Grocery eCommerce:

  • Healthy snack box subscription platform.
  • Subscription meal kits platform.
  • Sustainable packaging solutions for brick-and-mortar grocery shops.

Due to technological advancement and lifestyle changes in the urban areas the demand for grocery deliveries is increasing. Factors like convenience, time-saving, and safety play a big role in the growing demand for groceries through online platforms.

Market Size: The market is projected to result in a volume of US$1,271.00bn by 2028.

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high, requiring efficient logistics, quality sourcing, and customer retention strategies.
Most Popular in: United States of America, China, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.

3. Pet Food and Products Business

As pet owners are increasingly turning to the internet for their furry friend’s needs, you can launch a business related to this niche. You can break this niche into pet types like dogs, cats, and birds to offer specific products through your eCommerce. The number of pet owners is increasing worldwide as pet foods and products are needed. 

Unique Business Ideas for Pet Food and Products eCommerce Business:

  • Subscription-based pet food delivery service providing customized meal plans tailored to each pet’s nutritional requirements and dietary preferences.
  • Pet wellness platform offering online nutritional counseling and personalized healthcare plans.
  • Eco-friendly pet products such as organic pet food, natural grooming products, and recycled pet toys.

Demand: The demand is increasing as there’s an increasing number of pet owners, and they all want the convenience of buying high-quality pet foods and pet care products online. 

Market Size: The pet care eCommerce industry is expected to reach a value of $87.43 billion by 2027

Execution Difficulty: Moderate, requiring knowledge of pet care items, medicines, quality product sourcing, and a solid marketing plan. 
Most Popular in: United States of America, Germany, France etc.

4. Fashion eCommerce Business

Being one of the most dynamic industries in the world, it always adapts to the latest trends and tastes of fashion lovers. It’s buying and selling clothing, apparel, and accessories online. It includes various fashion categories for men, women, and children, including segments like clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, and luxury goods. 

Unique Business Ideas for Fashion eCommerce Business:

  • Custom apparel platform for customers to make their own designed clothes. 
  • Rental subscription service platform for designer clothing and accessories.
  • Apparel reselling marketplace for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.

Demand: The desire for trend-driven fashion and convenience made this industry the most demandable and popular one around the world. 

Market Size: This industry is expected to reach a market size of US$1,103.1 billion by 2027.

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high, requiring creativity, agile mindset, trend awareness, and effective marketing strategies.
Most Popular in: Asia, North America, Europe

5. Handmade Items/DIY eCommerce Business

If you’re an artist, craftsman, hobbyist, or just want to bring all these professionals under one platform, establishing a handcraft or DIY eCommerce business would be an excellent idea. Handmade items/DIY eCommerce involves the online buying and selling handcrafted goods, artisanal products, and DIY supplies through digital platforms.

Unique Business Ideas for Handmade Items/DIY eCommerce Business:

  • Handmade home decor items platform to sell a curated selection of high-quality, artisan-made goods for homes.
  • DIY natural beauty products platform for customers to create their own natural skincare and bath products using organic ingredients.
  • DIY pet accessories platform for customers to get customized items for their pets.

Demand: The number of consumers who seek unique goods with a personal touch is increasing. As people admire craftsmanship more, there’s a huge possibility for this industry.

Market Size: The handmade items or handicraft market is expected to reach US $847730 million by 2028. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate, requiring craftsmanship ideas, creativity, manpower, understanding of people’s taste in art, and effective marketing strategies.
Most Popular in: United States of America, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Canada, etc.

6. Dropshipping

As an entrepreneur, you can start an online business by being a drop shipper and selling products without owning a physical store. Using this eCommerce business method, you won’t have to keep products in stock. As the suppliers focus more on inventory and logistics, you will have time to brand and market your eCommerce business. 

Unique Business Ideas for Dropshipping:

  • Establish a niche store offering a wide range of automotive accessories and gadgets like car chargers, interior organizers, etc.
  • Niche-specific furniture collection platforms like space-saving solutions or office furniture, etc. 
  • Gaming accessories marketplace to sell headsets, gaming chairs, gaming laptops, etc.

Demand: As the demand for online shopping and convenient buying increases, the dropshipping industry continues to grow. As it streamlines the order fulfillment process, it has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs. 

Market Size: The market size of dropshipping is expected to reach US $1,921.24 billion by 2032

Execution Difficulty: Moderate, requiring digital marketing knowledge and customer service expertise. 
Most Popular in: United States of America, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia

7. Selling Photos and Videos

To monetize your digital asset, it’s one of the most lucrative eCommerce businesses to start.  You can either use an eCommerce platform to generate your income or build your own unique marketplace where other sellers can come and sell along with you. You can also earn commissions in this way. 

Unique Business Ideas for Selling Photos and Videos:

  • Photobook publishing service platform for customers to create and print custom photo books, albums, and portfolios.
  • Subscription-based stock photography and videography platform for creators of digital media. 
  • Customized digital art prints marketplace to purchase and download printable files for personal or commercial use.

Demand: Worldwide, people lean more towards visuals before investing in buying a product or simply watching any entertainment content. That’s why businesses, marketers, bloggers, and social media influencers constantly seek fresh and engaging visual assets to enhance their online presence and marketing campaigns.

Market Size: The revenue is expected to grow resulting in a projected market volume of US$18.41 billion by 2027.

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high, depending on factors such as competition, content quality, and marketing strategies. 
Most Popular in: Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, etc.

8. Health & Wellness

This business niche aims to provide customers with improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As consumers nowadays are more focused on self-care and well-being, there’s a huge possibility for new businesses to build trust, provide valuable information, and generate revenues. 

Unique Business Ideas for health & wellness: 

  • Mental health and counseling services platform for therapists and counselors to provide services to individuals seeking professional guidance and support
  • Mindfulness and meditation products are stored in a store offering meditation cushions, essential oils, and relaxation aids. 
  • Fitness Equipment marketplace for home workout & functional training accessories.

Demand: Increasing health consciousness, lifestyle trends, and the aging population are the driving factors behind the high demand for health and wellness products & services. 

Market Size: This market is projected to surpass US $6.94 trillion by 2031. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate, requiring an understanding of rules & regulations, sourcing high-quality products, and building a reputable & trusted brand in a competitive market.
Most Popular in: China, United States of America, United Kingdom, etc.

9. Selling Online Courses

Learning new skills, advancing careers, and pursuing personal interests from the comfort of home have made people drive towards online learning platforms. Before Covid, the market wasn’t that big, but due to the lockdown, it was the only way for some students to continue with their education and learning. This niche offers educators, experts, and entrepreneurs opportunities to create and monetize educational content across diverse subjects and industries. 

Unique Business Ideas for Selling Online Courses: 

  • Niche Skill Development Courses platform offers courses based on different niches, such as digital marketing, personal financing, graphic design, etc. 
  • EBook publishing platform where authors can self-publish and distribute their digital books to a global audience. 
  • Niche-specific boot camp & training platform where industry experts and thought leaders can share their knowledge through live webinars, workshops, and mentorship programs.

Demand: The need for technological advancements, accessibility, and the requirement for skilled individuals has made it one of the most demanding sectors.  

Market Size: The market is expected to reach US $319 billion by 2029. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high, depending on factors such as content quality, instructor, instructional design, platform usability, marketing strategies, and competition from established online learning platforms.

Most Popular in: United States of America, China, India etc.

10. Selling Beauty Products

This industry is flourishing as consumers turn to online platforms for purchasing skin care, cosmetics, hair care, and personal care products. Having a strong online presence and effective eCommerce strategies has put many beauty brands in industry-leading positions. 

Unique Business Ideas for Selling Beauty Products: 

  • Sustainable beauty products platform for customers who prefer products made from natural and organic ingredients sourced ethically & responsibly.
  • Beauty box subscription platform from a selection of skincare, makeup, haircare, and fragrance products tailored to customers’ preferences and needs.
  • Men’s grooming essentials platform that includes beard care, skincare, and hair care products.

Demand: Factors like social media influence, beauty trends, and awareness of self-care have made this industry one of the major in the eCommerce sector. 

Market Size: The market is projected to hit US $184 billion by 2028 in terms of global worth. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high, with challenges including sourcing high-quality products, building brand credibility, and promoting through social platforms and influencers, as the market is crowded and dominated by giant brands. 

Most Popular in: United States of America, South Korea, Japan, etc.

11. Organic and Natural Products

Health and sustainability is a great concern among the consumers. As there’s a growing demand for organic and natural products, launching a business under this niche would help owners build a successful venture and provide eco-friendly products.

Unique Business Ideas for Organic and Natural Products:

  • Eco-friendly home and lifestyle products platform to offer customers a wide range of sustainable home goods.
  • Organic baby products store specializing in organic and natural baby & kids products.
  • Plant-based and vegan foods stores offer various plant-based meats, dairy-free cheeses, vegan snacks, and cruelty-free packaged foods.

Demand: The demand for this industry is increasing as people are now more aware of health and environmental issues. 

Market Size: The market is expected to reach US $24,337.2 million by 2034

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high, as business owners have to confirm authentic sources, build consumer trust, and comply with regulatory standards. 

Most Popular in: Germany, Italy, France, United States of America, etc.

12. Wedding Goods and Services

Entrepreneurs can tap into the wedding industry’s popularity among millennials by exploring niches such as bridal attire, accessories, decorations, and planning services to create successful online businesses.

Unique Business Ideas for Wedding Goods and Services: 

  • Wedding planning marketplace with service providers like wedding planners, photographers, florists, and other wedding professionals
  • Custom wedding invitations and stationeries platform including custom-designed invitations, save-the-dates, RSVP cards, programs, and thank-you notes
  • Sustainable wedding decor rentals platform for people who are seeking to arrange an eco-friendly wedding

Demand: As so many people consider a wedding a place worthy of investment, even in the fluctuating economy the demand for this industry and services is always present. 

Market Size: The global market is projected to reach US $414.2 billion by 2030. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high as entrepreneurs need to manage the inventory, provide exceptional customer service, and stay up to date with the latest trends. 

Most Popular in: United States of America, Mexico, Hawaii, South East Asia, etc.

13. Smart Home Products

Homeowners who are looking to automate their homes always search for platforms from which they can get products for all their needs. They seek innovative solutions to enhance convenience, comfort, and security. So, entrepreneurs have a huge opportunity to sell smart home products online to meet the needs of customers. 

Unique Business Ideas for Smart Home Products: 

  • Energy efficient home solutions marketplace to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.
  • Smart home entertainment enhancements marketplace for transforming living spaces into multimedia hubs for movies, music, and gaming experiences.
  • Smart Home Security Monitoring solutions platform for remote monitoring and surveillance products.

Demand: With the increasing adoption of IoT ( Internet of Things), the demand for smart home appliances is increasing. Many homeowners now seek to automate their homes to automate and develop the quality of their lives.

Market Size: The market value is anticipated to reach US $163.7 billion by 2028. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate as business owners or entrepreneurs need to partner with high-quality device manufacturers and stay up to date about the trends & technologies. 

Most Popular in: United States of America, Japan, South Korea, etc.

14. Jewelry eCommerce Business

In recent years, the online jewelry industry has seen significant growth, leaving the traditional physical stores behind. There is a huge possibility of success for entrepreneurs launching their jewelry business. As consumers have a diverse range of tastes when it comes to jewelry, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be creative & innovative with this business. 

Unique Business Ideas for Jewelry eCommerce: 

  • Custom jewelry design marketplace to offer personalized design services tailored to customers’ styles & preferences. 
  • Jewelry subscription box platform to offer a convenient and affordable way to try new accessories. 
  • Jewelry rental and borrowing platform to provide access to luxury accessories without a high price tag.

Demand: Gift-giving, trends in fashion, and minimalistic jewelry looks are a few of the factors hyping this industry. Along with those gifts-giving is another practice, especially between Gen Z and millennials, keeping this business in demand. 

Market Size: The market value is projected to reach US $113,146.29 million by 2030. 

Execution Difficulty: Easy to moderate, entrepreneurs need to make sure of the product’s quality & materials, manage inventory, pricing, and build trust among the consumers. 
Most Popular in: United Kingdom, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates, India, etc.

15. Baby and Kids eCommerce Store

Parents are increasingly turning to online shopping for their kids, which has made this industry successful. There are numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs trying to take their first step into building a baby and kids’ eCommerce store. 

Unique Business Ideas for Baby and Kids eCommerce Store:

  • Educational toys subscription platform for children to promote cognitive development, creativity, and STEM skills among them. 
  • DIY craft kits are a marketplace for age-appropriate craft projects, art supplies, etc., to develop artistic skills and problem-solving abilities. 
  • Online baby gear rental platform to allow parents or caregivers to rent toys, strollers, high chairs, car seats, etc.

Demand: Factors like population growth, changing consumer preferences & parenting styles, and the convenience of shopping from home made this industry one of the most demanding ones. 

Market Size: The global market is estimated to reach US $19.7 billion by 2030. 

Execution Difficulty: Easy to moderate as entrepreneurs need to ensure high quality and safe products and comply with regulatory standards. 
Most Popular in: United States of America, Canada, Germany etc.

16. Online Coaching Business

The increasing demand for personal development, professional guidance, and the need to level up skills has led to a significant growth of online coaching businesses. These businesses are owned by entrepreneurs who are experts in a particular niche industry. They sell their courses and training programs on their platforms. There is another type of entrepreneur who allows other instructors or trainers to partner with them. These partners sell their courses on a single platform, and the admin generates revenue from every sales commission.

Unique Business Ideas for Online Coaching Business:

  • Financial coaching marketplace to offer personalized financial planning, budgeting, investment advice, and debt management services. 
  • Parental and family coaching platform to offer online courses, workshops, and coaching sessions for parents seeking guidance and support 
  • Career transition coaching platform for individuals seeking guidance and assistance with job search strategies, resume writing, interview preparation, networking, and career planning

Demand: It’s continuing to grow as individuals are seeking to develop different skills. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the shift towards online learning has played a crucial role in making it a demanding business. 

Market Size: The market is projected to be worth US $4.5 billion by 2028. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high, as launching this business requires experience, expertise, subject matter knowledge, etc. 
Most Popular in: United States of America, Canada, Japan. India, Australia, etc.

17. ReCommerce

ReCommerce is also known as reverse commerce, resale, or secondary market. It involves buying and selling pre-owned or refurbished goods through online platforms. It has a huge potential in store for anyone trying to break into this industry.

Unique Business Ideas for reCommerce:

  • Vintage and collectibles store to sell antiques, vinyl records, retro toys etc. 
  • Bookstore and media exchange platform for book lovers and collectors with a diverse range of collections at an affordable price 
  • Upcycled home decor shop to repurpose home decor items

Demand: As this industry is reshaping retail’s future with significant growth, its demand will increase, especially for people who want to get the best out there within an affordable range. 

Market Size: The United States market is expected to get close to US $276 billion by 2028. 

Execution Difficulty: Easy to moderate as it requires strategic planning, quality control, pricing optimization, building customers’ trust, etc. 

Most Popular in: United States of America, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, etc. 

18. Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products is all about offering intangible goods or services to customers via online platforms. It is a cost-effective and scalable option for entrepreneurs. Some examples of digital products include e-books, software, online courses, digital art, music, photography, templates, and more.

Unique Business Ideas for Selling Digital Products:

  • Digital art marketplace for artists to showcase and sell their digital artwork, illustrations, and designs to a global audience.
  • Notion templates marketplace offers customized templates for productivity, project management, and personal organization.
  • Video editing LUTs and filters platform providing presets and tools for enhancing videos with unique color grading and visual effects.

Demand: The demand for digital products is driven by the increasing digitization of industries and the rise of remote work and online learning. As consumers and businesses lean towards adopting digitalization in their day-to-day operations, entrepreneurs have a huge potential to grow in this sector. 

Market Size: The digital products industry is forecasted to be worth US $74 billion by 2025. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate to high as it depends on the complexity of the digital product, marketing strategy, and competition with niche business leaders. 

Most Popular in: China, United States of America, United Kingdom, etc.

19. Print on Demand

As a business owner using this business model, you can sell customized merchandise, such as apparel, accessories, home decor, and stationery, without holding inventory.  You will only produce the product when there’s an order. 

Unique Business Ideas for Print on Demand:

  • Home decor and accessories platform to sell posters, canvas prints, throw pillows, mugs, cushions, blankets etc. 
  • Custom tech accessories platform offering laptop sleeves, backpacks, mouse pads, stickers, etc. 
  • Custom bag shops sell products like tote bags, handbags, sling bags, shoulder bags, etc.

Demand: The growth and popularity of customized products and unique & expressive gifts have made this industry one of the most demanding businesses in eCommerce. 

Market Size: The global market is expected to reach a value of US $43.4 billion by 2030. 

Execution Difficulty: Easy to moderate, depending on creativity, logistics management, and marketing strategies. 
Most Popular in: United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada.

20. Online Plant Nursery

An online plant nursery is a digital platform that allows customers to browse and purchase various plants, seeds, and gardening supplies. This niche is perfect for gardening enthusiasts, homeowners, and plant lovers looking for convenience, quality, and diversity in their plant purchases.

Unique Business Ideas for Online Plant Nursery:

  • The custom garden kits platform allows customers to design and build their own garden spaces easily and conveniently.
  • The plant care products platform offers fertilizers, potting soil, plant food, pest control solutions, etc. 
  • Artificial plant business for customers seeking low-maintenance and long-lasting greenery

Demand: The surge in demand is influenced by various factors such as hobbies,  indoor gardening, urban plantation trends, convenience, and online availability.

Market Size: The market value is anticipated to reach US $18100.0 million by 2027. 

Execution Difficulty: Moderate as it requires expertise or knowledge in plant care, eCommerce operation, and product sourcing. 
Most Popular in: North America, India, etc.

How to start with your eCommerce business idea

Now, you have a bag full of ideas for starting your eCommerce journey. What can you do next? Well, it’s turning that idea into reality. But how?

The points below show you exactly what you can do to turn your business idea into a reality –

  • Do market research based on the idea you’ve selected.
  • Develop a business plan as a roadmap for your eCommerce.
  • Choose a unique brand name that reflects your idea.
  • Set up an online store either by building from scratch or getting a launch-ready solution
  • Partner with manufacturers and suppliers to source your products. 
  • Create engaging and relevant product descriptions.
  • Develop a solid marketing strategy to reach your target audience.
  • Launch your business and start promoting.

Final Words

Exploring these diverse and niche-based eCommerce business ideas would open a world of possibilities for entrepreneurs.  It’s not only about choosing unique online business ideas but also about identifying and working on target market needs. That’s when you can secure the key to success and solve real-world problems with your business. 

I hope this blog helps you find the right idea for your eCommerce business. See you in the next one!


What is the most sold item in the eCommerce world?

The most sold item in the eCommerce world is clothing and accessories. Also, there’s a huge demand for electronics and food items. It’s important to note that what sells the most can change over time depending on consumer preferences.

How do I determine which eCommerce niche is right for me?

To determine you need to research and choose an eCommerce niche that aligns with your interests and expertise and has the potential to attract customers and generate sales. Research different niches to understand their demand, competition, profitability, and target audience and you will be able to determine the right niche for you.

What is the most profitable eCommerce business?

The most profitable eCommerce businesses often sell high-demand products or services with good profit margins, like subscription boxes, print-on-demand, AR/VR product rentals, organic and natural products, smart home products, dropshipping, health & wellness products, etc.

How can I differentiate my eCommerce business from competitors in the same niche?

To differentiate your eCommerce business from competitors in the same niche, you need to be true to your brand identity, show your expertise, use relevant and user-centric design, and prioritize customer service.

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