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6amTech Launches a Payment & SMS Gateway Addon for Its Products

Greetings everyone! Today, we are thrilled and excited to share the news of our freshly launched 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon. This addon product comes with worldwide 35+ popular payments and 12+ SMS gateways. Let’s explore more about this product–

What is the 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon?

6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon is our first-ever PHP script that comes with the most demanded payment and SMS gateways.

Nipon Roy, the CTO of 6amTech, is very optimistic about the launch of this new product. He stated, “We’re excited to introduce our new addon PHP script that opens the door to 35+ payment options and 12+ SMS gateways for 6amTech’s products. This means more convenience for business owners, developers and flexibility for customers”.

Hinting about more upcoming exciting products, he said, “We plan to expand our offerings even further, making it easier than ever for businesses & developers to connect and transact with their customers.”

Here is the list of payment & SMS gateways–

Payment GatewaysSMS Gateways
Razor Pay
Senang Pay
Paymob Accept
Flutter Wave
PaytmPay Tabs
Liq Pay
Amazon Pay
Iyzi Pay
Hyper Pay
CC Avenue
Tap Payment
Viva Wallet
Pay Fast
World Pay
Cashfree Payments
Signal Wire
019 SMS
Global SMS
Akandit SMS
Alphanet SMS

However, this product isn’t an independent one, it is specially designed and developed to be used with the products of 6amTech. Here are the products that support this payment and SMS gateway–

  • 6Valley
  • 6amMart
  • StackFood
  • eFood
  • Demandium
  • 6Cash

How to Integrate 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon

Only the admin of any previously mentioned 6amTech’s products can integrate this payment and SMS gateway addon.

Here is how the admin can integrate this addon into any of their 6amTech products–

1. Purchase the 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon first from CodeCanyon.

2. Go to the Downloads section of your CodeCanyon Dashboard.

3. Download the addon product from there (a .zip file will be downloaded).

4. Sign in to the admin panel of this addon-supported product like- Demandium.

5. Go to the System Addons section in the left menu bar.

6. Click on the System Addon menu to go to the System Addon upload page.

7. Drag & drop or browse the “.zip” file and click on the UPLOAD button to start uploading.

8. Click on the 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway addon.

9. Choose YES from the popup confirmation dialogue box to activate this addon to the system.

10. Click on the newly appeared Addon Menus on the left menu bar.

11. Click on Payment Setup and SMS Setup to see payment and SMS gateways, respectively.

Benefits of Using 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon

There are some significant advantages of using this newly launched addon. Anyone who owns any of those five 6amTech products (6Valley, 6amMart, StackFood, eFood & Demandium) can enjoy these benefits. 

Here are the advantages businesses can have by using 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon–

  • Multiple Options: Choose any payment & SMS methods based on the business’s location and preference.
  • Broader Reach: Reach more customers by accommodating various payment preferences and SMS platforms.
  • Increased Sales: Simplify the buying process, encouraging more sales with diverse payment options.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Offer flexibility, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Efficiency: Modernize payment and communication processes, saving time and effort for both businesses and customers.
  • Global Transactions: Enable international transactions by supporting multiple payment gateways.
  • Business Growth: Attract more customers and expand business by serving more audience.

In a nutshell, this addon product can help businesses to choose any payment and SMS gateway based on their location & availability and maintain smooth communication & transaction with their customers.

Keep an eye on our page for the newest updates about 6amTech products. Stay tuned for more news soon!



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