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6amMart v2.5: Digital Payment Option for Stores and Deliverymen

Good day, our beloved audience! There is great news for 6amMart owners that will make your day even better. 6amMart is upgraded to version 2.5, which brings latest features and many improvements along with it.

Here are the features that have been introduced in 6amMart 2.5–

6amMart v2.5 – Latest Features

Payment Disbursement

Introducing a brand-new addition in the latest 6amMart version 2.5 – Payment Disbursement! This feature simplifies the way payments are distributed from the admin to both stores and deliverymen. No more manual Payment disbursement hassles for the admin.

Path: Admin Panel > Settings > Business Settings > Disbursement

Now, admins can effortlessly schedule automatic Payment disbursement requests within the system. Choose how often you want disbursement requests to be generated – daily, weekly, or monthly. Simply set the payment disbursement time and add a minimum payout amount.

Once a store or deliveryman hits the specified minimum amount, they become eligible for disbursement, which is visible in the admin’s report section. It’s all about making things smoother and more convenient!

Path: Admin Panel > Transaction & Reports > Disbursement Report

Digital Payment for Stores and Deliverymen

From the 6amMart v2.5, stores and deliverymen can pay the admin using digital payment methods. Previously, they needed to pay manually, but now, they can pay their dues using one of the system-supported digital payment methods.

Delivery Instruction for Parcel Module

To be honest, parcel delivery is a risky job. You or your deliverymen don’t know what’s inside! A small concentration break can damage the entire parcel if there is any fragile element. That’s why delivery instructions are added in the Parcel module.

Path: Admin Panel > Parcel Module > Delivery Setup

From version 2.5, you can add multiple delivery instructions that customers can choose while placing any parcel delivery order. Admin can enable/disable delivery instructions and edit or delete existing instructions from the list.

Path: Flutter Web App> Parcel Module > Checkout Page

Other Bug Fixes and Improvements

Other than these features, there plenty of minor bug fixes and improvements have been implemented. 

  • Module-wise bottom navigation bar design in the user app.
  • Design improvement in the Parcel Module.
  • Improved queries and performance optimizations.
  • All Flutter-based apps are now compatible with Flutter SDK 3.16.0.

That’s it for today! Follow us for more latest news and releases of all 6amTech’s products. 

Stay tuned till next time!



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