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Thailand is Calling: 6amTech Announces TT Tournament

“Sports are a great way to refresh mind and strengthen bondings.” 6amTech follows this motto and like the previous year, launches another Table Tennis tournament this year. But this time, 6amTech is sponsoring even bigger and more amazing prizes.

Champion Prize: Thailand Trip.

Runner-up Prize: Cox’s Bazar Trip.

Trip Duration: 3 Days-2 Nights for both teams.

The whole 6amTech is really excited to participate in the biggest in-house tournament of the year, and so does the organizer, 6amTech Sports Club. On 13 June 2023, draws have already been made. There will be 2 groups with 12 teams participating this year. Each team has an eye on the winning prizes.

About the tournament, the CEO says, “We are very excited to organize this year’s TT tournament. Everyone here loves Table Tennis. So I believe everyone will enjoy it and try to win the Grand Prizes.

Both TT tables have been busy after the announcement, and each team has already started training with partners. About the tournament, one of the participants said, “No matter what happens, we want to win the 1st prize! Going to Thailand is my dream, and I won’t lose this opportunity by any means.” And everyone has the same spirit of winning this tournament.

So this tournament will be a legendary one! The opening date has been set for 10 July 2023. Each team will play 5 matches in the group stages. From there, 8 teams will play in the quarterfinal, 4 teams will play in the semifinal, 2 teams will play in the final, and a total of 39 matches will be played.

Let’s see the fixture of this year’s Table Tennis Tournament–

Stay Tuned.

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