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StackFood Release v7.1: Food Delivery Business Redefined 

Good news for all StackFood lovers of 6amTech. A new release has been rolled out! In this new update, many exciting features have been added along with many improvements that will benefit online food delivery business owners.

Sneak Peek: A new earning source has been added to business owners. Read the news to know more about it.

Bulk Import & Export

In the latest version 7.1, the admin of StackFood can do bulk import/export food items, restaurants, addons and categories/subcategories. This feature is a time saver as the admin needs just a few clicks to import or export from a different server of site, e.g., the entire food list.

Food Bulk Import StackFood
Path: Admin Panel>Food Management>Foods>Bulk Import
Food Bulk Export
Path: Admin Panel>Food Management>Foods>Bulk Export

Limit Maximum Quantity while Ordering

From now on, the admin can limit the purchase quantity for a single checkout. In other words, while adding or editing any food, the admin can set a limit for a customer for the maximum purchase limit for that food.

Maximum purchase Quantity
Path: Admin Panel>Food Management>Foods>Add New

For example, if the admin sets the maximum purchase quantity limit “10” for any food, a customer can not purchase more than 10 pieces of that food in a single checkout.

Proof of Delivery

In this recent update, we’re rolling out an exciting new feature called ‘Delivery Verification.’ This feature is designed to enhance the security and certainty of order deliveries. From now on, when the admin enables this feature in the Business Settings, StackFood’s deliverymen will need to submit photographic proof once they’ve successfully completed a delivery. 

These images will be accessible to everyone, including the admin, the restaurant, the deliveryman and, the customer. This ensures transparency and builds trust in the delivery process. 

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Deliveryman

New Earning Scope for the Admin

Now, the admin can add extra charges on top of the product’s price. These additional charges can be applied for various reasons, such as “service charge”, “packaging charge”, “platform fee” or other purposes. Customers must pay this charge while checking out.

For instance, let’s say you run an online marketplace. As an admin, you could introduce a “Service Charge” of $2 for every transaction made on your platform. When customers shop, they’ll see this fee clearly displayed during the checkout process.

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Business Settings

Customers can see the service charge during checkout and it is placed at the bottom of the invoice.

Add Fund to Wallet

StackFood version 7.1 now allows customers to add money to their wallets using different payment gateways. This feature makes it easier for customers to pay for orders quickly and with less hassle. For example, they can add money from their bank accounts or credit cards, ensuring they always have funds ready to use when ordering in restaurants.

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Customers

Partial Payment

We have added a brand-new feature in the latest update: “Partial Payment.” Now, when this feature is activated, customers have the flexibility to pay a portion from their wallet balance and complete the payment through various methods afterward. These methods include Cash On Delivery (COD), digital payment options, or even a mix of both. 

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Business Settings

For instance, imagine a customer has $50 in his wallet, but his total purchase costs $100. With the Partial Payment feature, the customer can pay $30 from his wallet balance and the remaining $70 through his credit card, making your shopping experience a whole lot more convenient!

Restaurant SEO

With the recent StackFood version 7.1, both admin & restaurants now have the ability to input their own “restaurant metadata”. This includes details like ‘Meta Title,’ ‘Meta Description,’ and ‘Meta Image.’ This feature allows restaurants to customize the information they share on social media platforms, making their online presence more distinctive and engaging.

Path: Restaurant Panel>Restaurant Config

Enable/Disable Admin Landing Page

The admin can now enable or disable the default landing page. This feature in StackFood allows admins to choose an alternative landing page of their preference. The process is straightforward: just deactivate the default landing page and either upload the ‘.php’ file or input the URL for the new landing page. For instance, if an admin wants to showcase a special promotion on their website’s first page, they can easily set it as the new landing page, creating a more customized experience for their visitors.

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Landing Page

Digitally Pay Subscription Fees

As everyone knows, there are two business models in StackFood: Commission-based and Subscription-based. For the convenience of restaurants and admin, restaurants can now digitally pay subscription fees to admin. They can pay these fees by using system-integrated digital payment methods.

Path: Restaurant Panel>My Subscription>Change/Renew Subscription Plan

New Language Translation Added

In the StackFood release v7.1, two new languages have been added, Bangla and Spanish. They join with previously added English and Arabic. That means users can easily translate any page or app of StackFood in any of these languages.

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Language

Other Improvements

Many improvements and bug fixes have been implemented in this new release. Codes have become more structured and optimized. The overall performance of StackFood has been improved. StackFood Flutter apps are now compatible with Flutter SDK 3.13.1.

Follow us for the latest release news of all 6amTech products to stay up-to-date. Stay tuned till next time.

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