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6amTech’s Monthly General Meeting Covers Accomplishments to Aspirations

Acknowledging the workforce’s contributions and reflecting on their accomplishments, 6amTech recently held its Monthly General Meeting at the headquarters. The event covered the overview of the previous month, recognised individual and team achievements, and announced plans, terms, and policy updates for the company.

The CEO of 6amTech, Sunny Sultan passionately urged employees to prioritise their career growth. He also emphasised the need to move beyond the comfort zone. The visionary leader shared the importance of building a workforce capable of elevating their careers and seamlessly passing the torch to the next generation of talent. “Our success as individuals and as a company is fundamentally linked to our commitment to personal and professional growth,” the CEO remarked.

Speaking at the 6amTech Monthly General Meeting, Nipon Roy, the CTO of 6amTech, emphasised the importance of work-life balance. He advocated for managing the work time efficiently by streamlining the work process. “Embracing challenge is where the magic happens. In facing challenges, we grow personally and professionally, often achieving remarkable things we didn’t think possible,” – he passionately shared.

After the heartwarming speeches, each team from 6amTech presented a brief overview of their accomplishments, goals, and key projects. These presentations showcased the collaborative efforts of the teams that led to the success. 

An eagerly anticipated segment of the meeting was the announcement of employee promotions. The company’s testament to recognising talent and fostering growth was reflected in this segment.

6amTech announced the promotion of Md Al Imrun Khandakar to Head of Engineering, recognising his exceptional skills and dedication. Simultaneously, Sabrina Mim steps into the position of “Head of Product,” showcasing her strategic contributions to software product development. Adding to the celebration, 6amTech also highlights the promotions of team members to the positions of “Senior Software Engineer” and “Manager of Business Development.”

In the last portion of the meeting, they celebrated the Employee Excellence Recognition Ceremony, of December 2023.

The awards were categorised into the following-

✅ Best Employee in Client Satisfaction, 

✅ Most Responsible Employee of the Month, 

✅ Most Punctual Employee of the Month, 

✅ Best Team Player of the Month, and 

✅ Best Employee of the Month.

The ceremony was not just a celebration of achievements, but also a reinforcement of the values that drive 6amTech.

As the 6amTech general meeting drew close, the company leaders teased a major project for 2024. Their vision emphasised being up-to-date with trends for maximum client satisfaction. They also gave updates about the company’s changes in terms and policies for a better, positive & sustainable working environment.

6amTech’s monthly general meeting proved to be a moment of reflection and set the stage for the future. As the curtains closed, everybody left feeling energised and inspired for a better brighter tech future together.



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