eFood v10.1 is Released: What’s in the New Version?

eFood, the very first product of 6amTech, got a new upgrade recently. In the latest version 10.1, many useful and major features have been added with improvements for all users. 

Here are the latest features of eFood at a glance:

AdminStock for Food Items
Redirection from Notification
Delivery from POS
Email Templates
Category Priority
CustomerQR Scan to Order
Add Fund to Wallet
Partial Payment
Guest Checkout
Order Tracking

Stock for Food Item

In the latest update of eFood, the admin can now specify how food items are managed in terms of stock. There are three different options to choose from: Unlimited, Daily, and Fixed. 

Unlimited Stock: This option is for food items that have an endless supply. If the admin selects “Unlimited” for a food item, it means that there is no limit to the quantity available.

Daily Stock: When the admin chooses “Daily” for a food item, it means that the quantity of that item will reset every day. For example, if the admin has a food item with 10 quantities, and he sells 5 of them today, tomorrow it will be back to 10. This type of stock is great for items with a daily renewal.

Fixed Stock: Selecting “Fixed” stock allows the admin to set the quantity available for a food item manually. There’s no automatic resetting with this option. Once the item is sold out, it stays that way until the admin manually restocks it. This is useful for items that don’t have a predictable or daily renewal pattern.

Path: Admin Panel>Product Management>Product Setup>Product List/Product Add

Redirect from Push Notification

After receiving a notification from eFood, customers can tap on that notification and land on the promotional page that the admin has added. This interesting feature will directly navigate customers where the admin has the intent to take them.

Delivery from POS

In the eFood release version 10.1, all branches can take home delivery orders from POS. Previously, there were “Takeaway” and “Dine-In” options available. With this feature, the admin can take “outside eFood system” orders, such as orders from different social media platforms or orders over phone calls and deliver those to the customers’ homes.

Path: Admin Panel>POS> New Sale

Email Templates

Admin can send system-generated emails to the users and action-based emails from the admin panel with the new email template feature. For customers, there are order placement, forgot password and registration OTP email templates are available. And new deliveryman registration, new deliveryman approval and new deliveryman rejection email templates are available for deliverymen. So whenever users hit action buttons like these, they receive an automated email from the admin. 

Path: Admin Panel>System Settings>Email Template

Category Priority

On the eFood version 10.1, the admin can set priority for categories. These priorities can be set from 1-10, where “1” is the highest and “10” is the lowest priority. Based on this number, customers will see the category list from the eFood web or app.

Path: Admin Panel>Product Management>Category Setup>Category

QR Scan to Order

On the latest version of eFood, a QR code scanning system has been implemented. Customers can scan the QR code using the camera app, Google Lens or any QR scanning app to land on the restaurant menu. It is a contactless order and payment system that provides a futuristic restaurant essence to all.

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>QR Code
Screenshot: after scanning the QR code.

Add Fund to Wallet

Customers can add funds to their wallets using various payment gateways. This handy functionality empowers customers to keep an amount in their wallets, which facilitates faster and more convenient transactions. Not only that, admin can also send bonuses for adding funds to the wallet.

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Customers

For example, a customer who wants to order his favorite meal quickly. If he has the money in his eFood wallet, he can order food quickly. Which eliminates the hassle of payment through a card. That’s why the add fund to wallet feature has been implemented.

Partial Payment

With the “Partial Payment” option enabled, customers can pay a part of their wallet balance and cover the rest of the payment using methods like Cash On Delivery (COD), digital payments, or a combination of both.

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Business Settings

For example, imagine a customer has $20 in their eFood wallet, and they want to purchase food worth $30. Thanks to the Partial Payment feature, customer can use $10 from his wallet and then pay the remaining $20 through COD or any other preferred payment method. This way, shopping remains convenient and accessible for everyone.

Guest Checkout

Starting with eFood v10.1, customers have the option to order and finish their purchase without the need to create an account. This feature essentially allows them to make a purchase as a guest. Now, a customer can simply add the items to your cart, enter your delivery details, and make the payment without the hassle of creating an account or signing in. It’s all about making the process faster and more convenient for them!

Path: Admin Panel>Business Setup>Business Settings

Customers can also track their orders from guest mode. All they need are the order IDs and phone numbers to track orders.


Apart from awesome features, many fixes and improvements have also been implemented. Translation-related issues have been fixed and translations have become easier. Codes have been restructured and existing features have been polished. Overall, system performance has been improved in version 10.1. Finally, the Flutter app is now compatible with Flutter SDK 3.13.3.

That’s all for today’s edition. Follow us for the latest news on new releases and product launches. Stay tuned till next time.

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