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Demandium v2.1 Released with Exciting New Features

Greetings, all! We are thrilled to share the exciting news of the new Demandium release v2.1. In this new update, many features and improvements have been added. Version 2.1 brings major feature updates that hugely benefit end-users and ultimately help Demandium owners to grow their businesses. This news is special as you will see the detailed information & system screenshots and the impact of new features.

New Features at a glance

✔️Edit Order after Booking Placement

✔️Partial Payment with Wallet

✔️Booking Confirmation with Verification

✔️New Earning System for Admin

✔️Maximum Booking Amount Limit

✔️Customers can Add Funds to Wallet 

✔️Guest Checkout Option 

✔️Offline/Manual Payment Option

Apart from these new features, various tweaks and improvements are implemented in this latest Demandium release.

Edit Order after Booking Placement

One of the major updates in the Demandium release v2.1 is the ‘edit/update bookings’ feature. Now, customers can request the admin to change or edit a booking after order placement. For this, customers need to request the admin to edit bookings by contacting them manually.

Admin Panel>Booking Management>Bookings>Booking Requests>View Details>Edit Services

Additionally, the admin can allow providers access to edit any bookings from their panels or apps. When providers get the booking edit access from the admin, they can give this access to their servicemen from the provider panel/app.

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>Provider Tab

Partial Payment with Wallet

In the latest release, we’ve introduced a new feature called ‘Partial Payment.’ When this feature is active, customers can pay using funds from their Demandium wallet and cover the remaining amount using various methods like Cash After Service, Digital Payment, Offline Payment or a combination of all. This means customers no longer need to give up on their desired products due to limited wallet balances. For instance, a customer can book a $350 service by paying $100 from his Demandium wallet and the remaining $250 through Cash After Service, Digital Payment, Offline Payment, or a combination of these methods.

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>General Setup Tab
Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>General Setup Tab

Guest Checkout Option

From Demandium v2.1, customers can book services and complete their checkout as a guest or, in other words, without signing in. 

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>General Setup Tab

Bonus: Customers can also track their orders just by using the Booking ID and Phone Number they have used in the Service Address.

Offline Payment Option

Offline Payment allows customers to use external payment methods. This means providers can accept payments via third-party payment modules outside the Demandium system.

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>General Setup Tab

First, the admin needs to add payment information and placeholders requiring customer information for providers.

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Configuration>Payment Config.>Offline Payment

After payment, customers need to use those transaction details while placing bookings.

Booking Confirmation with Verification

New features that have been introduced are “Confirmation OTP for Complete Service” and “Service Complete Photo Evidence”. Servicemen need an OTP to complete services and can now upload the relevant images after completing the service as a form of proof.

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>Bookings Tab

New Earning System for Admin

In the latest release, Demandium introduced a significant feature for admin, a new revenue stream. Admins can now apply extra charges on bookings, which will be included in the total booking value.

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>Bookings Tab

These additional charges can be ‘Platform Fees,’ ‘Service Fees,’ and more. Admin can set the amount of these charges, which customers will see and pay during the checkout process.

Maximum Booking Amount Limit

Demandium v2.1 brings a new feature where the admin can set the minimum and maximum booking amount. The minimum booking amount sets the lowest service booking price for the entire system. 

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>Bookings Tab

Once the maximum booking amount is set, there are two scenarios. Providers can accept the bookings directly if the booking amount is below the maximum limit. 

However, if the booking amount exceeds the maximum limit, the admin must review them first. These bookings are temporarily placed in the “Verify Requests” section until the admin verifies them. 

Path: Admin Panel>Booking Management>Verify Requests

For instance, if the admin sets a $1000 maximum booking limit, any bookings over $1000 go into the “Verify Requests” section. Once the admin verifies them, providers can then see and accept these bookings.

Customers can Add Funds to Wallet

Starting with Demandium version 2.1, customers can add money to their Demandium wallets using external sources like credit/debit cards, banks and mobile wallets. This convenient feature lets customers maintain funds in their Demandium wallets for quicker transactions. Admin can issue customers a “wallet bonus” on adding money to wallets. It’s worth noting that the admin controls this feature and can enable or disable it at any time through the ‘Business Settings’. If the “Add Fund” feature is disabled, the “wallet bonus” will also be hidden from the website & app.

Path: Admin Panel>System Management>Business Settings>Customers Tab

Apart from these features, many fixings and improvements have been added. The app is now compatible with Flutter’s current version 3.13.3.



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