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BITPA CONFERENCE 2023 - 6amTech Steps in as a Contributor

Bangladesh IT Professionals Association (BITPA) has organized the annual BITPA CONFERENCE 2023 (co-organized by Upwork Bangladesh). It is scheduled to take place at the prestigious venue, Zila Shilpokola Academy, Khulna, on 16 September 2023.

1000+ attendees are expected to join the conference, where 50+ talented and inspirational speakers will share their thoughts. There will also be more than 4 master classes with 15+ sessions that will help the attendees enrich their knowledge even more!

BITPA Conference has a history of delivering impactful insights and thought leadership in the tech industry of Bangladesh. As a proud sponsor, 6amTech aims to contribute to the excellence that drives the Tech industry forward.

The conference will raise insightful discussions and create networking and knowledge exchange opportunities. Both Co-Founders of 6amTech, Sunny Sultan & Nipon Roy, have been invited to the conference as Guests.

“We’re honored to be part of BITPA CONFERENCE 2023. This sponsorship embodies our commitment to fostering collaboration and growth within the Tech Industry.” says the 6amTech CEO, Sunny Sultan. 

Sharing the same sentiment, Nipon Roy, CTO of 6amTech, expressed, “The BITPA CONFERENCE 2023 offers an excellent opportunity to dive into the latest trends shaping the tech industry. It’s an occasion to share our expertise and learn from other leaders, which is essential for driving innovation.”

In a visionary move back in 2017, the beginning of the BITPA CONFERENCE marked a turning point for the Bangladesh IT Professional Association. Recognizing the remarkable potential of IT firms and independent freelancers in Khulna, the conference emerged as a beacon of opportunity. Its core objective: unite IT professionals and industry leaders under one roof, fostering an environment for sharing invaluable insights and guidance with upcoming entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The inaugural event’s resounding success paved the way for subsequent events in 2018, 2019, and 2022. Each passing year saw an ever-growing gathering of IT experts as the BITPA CONFERENCE firmly established itself as an unmissable fixture on the IT industry calendar. More IT specialists joining the conference showed its growing popularity, matched by a growing audience that reflected its increasing importance.

The impact of the BITPA CONFERENCE demonstrates the ongoing growth and unity of the IT community. It symbolizes a goal for a future where collaboration and sharing knowledge are of utmost importance.

The precisely planned conference is geared towards fostering innovation and captivating participants through a range of engaging activities. These activities include training, workshops, recruitment chances, and community-building sessions, all designed with a visionary approach.

Top Faces in the IT Industry are Joining the BITPA CONFERENCE 2023

Hasin Hayder – Founder of Learn With Hasin Hayder and Co-Founder & CTO of HappyMonster. He is the Subject Matter Expert and technical Curriculum Developer at SureSkills.

Rifayet Rifat – Founder of The Soft King. He is an expert in company direction, product development and strategy making.

Saidur Mamun Khan – Secretary General at JCI Dhaka Founders. He is also the Lead Generation Manager at Upwork with 11+ years of experience.

Anam Ahmed – Head of Engineering at Zelf. Anam Ahmed is a Full Stack Software Architect with 10+ years of experience in development.

Emrazina Islam – Founder of Kaz360 and Owner of Emrazina Technologies. Emarzina Islam has managed design projects for 40+ renowned companies. She won the BASIS Outsourcing Award 2014 and Best Female Freelancer3rd Digital Bangladesh Day 2019.

Md Nahid Hasan Kaysar – Managing Director & CEO of Bizcope. He is also the Founding Vice President of JCI Dhaka Founders and Co-Founder of We Make Pro.

Amjad Shuvo – Founder and Head of R&D at Shuvo-IT. He assisted 1500+ global websites in improving their SERP ranking.

Abu Huraira Bin Aman – CTO of ThemeXpert. Having actively engaged in the WordPress community, he has led the development of several plugins and themes for brands.

Nazib Rafe – Founder & Captain at Wit Institute. He is also the Local Director of JCI Dhaka West.

There will be many more IT specialists and experts to enrich the conference with their valuable insights. So don’t miss this opportunity to attend BITPA CONFERENCE 2023.

For more information about BITPA CONFERENCE 2023 and 6amTech’s participation, visit the conference’s official website: bitpa.net.



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