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6amTech Participated in Grand Day of devConf 1.0

devConf 1.0 … the buzzword spread mouth to mouth. It finally ended with a stellar segment- The ‘Grand Day’ at the Celebrity Convention Hall, Gulshan, on the 27th of May, 2023. 

The 7-day event was curated virtually for 6 consecutive days, with a final physical meetup on the end day. 

The event was in full bloom with tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and engineers.  

Everybody talked about many influential topics, such as- 

  • Software Industry of Bangladesh and Its Future
  • Empowering Growth: Personal Development Strategies for Developers
  • Navigating the Requirements and Opportunities in Bangladesh’s Thriving Software Industry, and so on…
Sunny Sultan and Nipon Roy

Sunny Sultan (CEO & Co-Founder), Nipon Roy (CTO & Co-Founder), Ashek Elahi, Al Imrun Khandakar, and others attended the event from the 6amTech company.

Being the ‘Partner Sponsor’, 6amTech represented itself in the most hyped talk of the season- “Empowering the Gig Economy: Unleashing the Potential of Freelance Marketplaces.”

The CEO & Co-Founder of the company, Sunny Sultan, shared his experience with freelancing and ways to start a side hustle alongside with job. 

He said, “We all have a misconception about the term ‘freelancing’. 

Sunny Sulatan at devConf 1.0

We think that freelancing means staying up all night and working on different marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork. That we need to stay up all night to communicate with clients and work for them. 

Yes, this is the most common freelancing practice. But that’s not the complete picture. 

During my student life, I’ve done freelance work and supported my study myself. And you can do it too.” 

Sunny Sultan added, “As most of us present at this event are either developers or engineers, I’m sharing my freelance work experience with you. 

Apart from conventional freelancing, we can create some automation tools, web tools, develop mobile apps and publish them on Play Store. And make revenue from the ad network. Other than that, we can also add subscription modules within our projects. 

In my student life, I’ve also done all of the above as well as the domain parking business myself. 

And you CAN DO IT TOO!”

6amTech devConf

There were other market-leading tech companies of Bangladesh presented at the event, such as Ollyo, wedevs, TECHNONEXT, Brain Station 23, gotipath, and many more. 

6amTech team at devConf

The entire event was full of fun activities, open job opportunities, inspiring stories from founders and influencers, delicious food, and networking opportunities. 

Overall, it was a mesmerizing event. 6amTech looks forward to participating in such types of events in the future as well. 



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