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6amTech Launches 6Valley Aster Theme

There is exciting news for eCommerce enthusiasts that recently 6amTech launched the 6Valley Aster Theme. And it’s creating hype for all 6Valley users. 

The multi-purpose 6Valley Aster Theme is fully personalized. Users worldwide are giving positive reviews for its attractive & modern design. So, 6Valley is now multi-theme supported! There is an announcement from 6amTech that 6Valley Aster Theme is free for all 6Valley users. 

6amTech Launches 6Valley Aster Theme

Nipon Roy, Co-Founder & CTO of 6amTech, says, “Many client’s requested us to bring mutli-theme support to 6Valley. So we’ve brought the feature and the 6Valley Aster theme. We’re happy to see many positive responses from new and existing clients. Good Job, team 6Valley!”

The CTO also announced that “As 6Valley Aster, we are going to bring more themes in future for 6Valley.”

6amTech reinforces its position as a leading eCommerce solution provider. 

Tawhid Mahdee

Tawhid Mahdee

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