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Top Reasons to Choose Extended License in CodeCanyon

When I first learned about the CodeCanyon licensing terms, I was like 🤯! Haha,… just kidding! The first question that swirled through my mind was, “What difference does it make if I’m getting the same product? What’s the monetary value for me?” 

And then one night, I Thought-

And finally, I did it. 

If you’re an individual software developer or a software development agency, then you landed in the right place. In this blog, we’ll learn what an extended license is.

Who needs it? And why are they triple in price?

Bonus: You’ll also get a clear understanding of why an extended license in CodeCanyon is essential.

What is a Regular License and Extended License on CodeCanyon?

In short, a regular license is what you can use for personal projects. On the contrary, an extended license is what you can use in a commercial project. But does it clarify your confusion? The differences between a regular and extended license go a little further than just the project’s usability.   

Let me explain.

The regular license is like a bar of chocolate you brought for yourself or for another person. An extended license is the same bar of chocolate you’ve bought [and other materials] to bake a chocolate cake and then sell it to another person. 

Additionally, if you’re creating an eCommerce platform for your clothes shop, the regular license is fine. But, if you’re creating an eCommerce platform and selling it to your client for their clothes shop business, it requires an extended license. 

Wait, does that mean if you’re an individual user, you have to pay less, and if you’re a large enterprise, you have to pay more? That’s where the limitations of the regular license come in. 

If you use the Regular License on CodeCanyon, you will face the following-

  • You cannot resell the end product. 
  • You cannot transfer the license code to anyone
  • You cannot charge any fee to the end user
  • It’s for personal project use only

For an individual, it’s kinda okay. But if you’re planning to catch a bigger fish, the fishing rod has to be the biggest. For example, you want to build an eCommerce website that sells groceries. And later, sell the entire website to a client who’s looking for this platform.

What Are The Benefits of Extended License on CodeCanyon?

The benefits of choosing an extended license on CodeCanyon provide both developers and buyers with added value and flexibility. Here are the key benefits of an Extended License on CodeCanyon:

Extended Usage Rights

The extended license grants broader usage rights compared to the regular license.

As a developer, you can charge clients for access, and even sell it.

Enhanced Customer Support

Extended licenses often come with extended customer support from the author team. You’ll receive priority support and get your queries answered before others.

Flexibility for Varied Projects

Extended licenses offer flexibility for different types of projects uses. You can adapt and customize the product to suit specific project requirements without violating licensing terms.

Attract Commercial Clients

As a developers, you can cater to clients who are looking for commercial grade eCommerce solutions and businesses looking for require the product for commercial purposes.

Increased Revenue Potential

You can generate more revenue through an extended license product because then you have the ability to sell licenses directly to clients worldwide.

By using the Extended License on CodeCanyon, you will get extended usage rights, enhanced customer support, flexibility for varied projects, attract commercial clients, and increase your revenue potential.

Using the CodeCanyon Extended License for 6amTech Products

When you purchase any 6amTech products in extended license, you receive an special agreement that goes beyond the standard use of terms described in the CodeCanyon’s license agreement. This license, offered by 6amTech, grants you additional rights and permissions, providing a more expansive scope of usage for the projects developed by 6amTech.

Benefits of Purchasing 6amTech’s Products on Extended License

✔️Lifetime License Validity

✔️Permitted for 1 Domain

✔️6 months of general and technical support (As per Envato support policy)

✔️All Premium Features

✔️Lifetime FREE Update 

✔️For Personal Project

✔️For Commercial Projects [if the end product is paid for using or sell]

✔️Postman Collection for REST API Documentation

✔️Admin Panel FREE Installation in cPanel [One Time]

✔️Priority Support

What you’ll never get elsewhere is the documentation for Postman Collection. I mean, who actually gave away these? 

A Postman Collection for a REST API is like a special list of instructions for a magical postman (computer tool). It helps organize and remember all the things you want your computer to do in a cool and organized way, making it easier to send and receive messages or requests. And you’re getting it for free when you purchase any 6amTech products on an extended license!

Final Note

Now that you know how important it is to purchase an extended license on CodeCanyon, you’ll be more confident in your purchase decision. Just remember that bigger fish example I told you earlier in this blog, okay?

That’s all for today. You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to know all about our latest blog updates. 




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