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CodeCanyon PHP Script - Benefits of Hiring a Software Company for Installation

When it comes to CodeCanyon PHP Script, Software, or application installation, you need to be 100% accurate and successful. One mistake, and you’ll have to do it all over again. 

Of course, you can install the software or applications yourself if you’re a developer or a techy person. But if you’re not, you might want to hire a professional freelance developer or a software development company to do the work for you. 

The choice between hiring a software company or a freelancer is an important decision.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why you should hire an expert software company for a successful installation. And help you make an informed decision. 

What is A Software or Application Installation?

Software installation generally refers to preparing, setting up, and configuring software or applications on a device or a server. It involves transferring the necessary files and components from an installation source. 

There are other types of software installation that you can do by downloading source code or script.  For example- scripts from CodeCanyon. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss more about it. 

How to Install CodeCanyon PHP Script?

After downloading the PHP script from CodeCanyon, you’ll receive an installation guide.

But before you start with the guide, you need to have a server with PHP to install the script. Or get a hosting plan from hosting companies like Go Daddy, Bluehost, etc. After that, upload the files on the server through File Manager or FTP. 

No, the work doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s only the beginning. Now you’ve got to read the installation guide or documentation to start the installation process. 

If you’re a developer, this might seem easy and conventional to you. But for a non-techy person, things will get a bit complicated at this moment. 

So what should you do? Usually, you’ll look for others, a third party, to do the installation for you. You can either hire a freelance software developer or partner up with a software development company. 

If you’re a first-time buyer, most people will try to convince you that you can hire a freelance developer for your software installation. 

Criteria for Choosing The Right Team to make your project ready to start immediately

Choosing a team of tech experts is way better than choosing a one-man army. Especially when it comes to sensitive cases like software or application installation for a commercial project. 

Hiring the right software company for php script installation is a perplexing task. It can either make or break your entire project. 

The software development industry is extremely competitive. It’s easy to get fooled by eye-catchy and decorative sales pitches. Thus, you need to be extra cautious when choosing the right partner. 

Here are 9 crucial factors you must keep in mind while choosing the right software company for a hassle-free CodeCanyon software installation

1. Expert Team

In software installations for any project, you need a proper configuration, app setup, publishing, software quality assurance, and constant guidance. A single freelancer can’t handle all of these alone. So you need an experienced team who’ll take care of everything. 

2. Project Managers

A full-fledged software company will provide you with the complete installation and prepare your project to be ready to launch at once. That’s why they have in-house project managers to ensure the perfect installation from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

3. In-house SQA

A freelance developer might do the installation right. But the duties don’t end here. You need to test the product before finally launching it. That’s where SQAs come in the front row. A reputed software development company has one or several teams of in-house SQAs who tests your product over and over again until it’s completely flawless. 

4. Cost-Effective 

Unlike freelance developers (who are the biggest cost-savors), a software company is rather ‘cost-effective’. Because you get to experience a full-fledged expert team to complete your installation. So there’s less likely to get things to go wrong. 

Pro Tip: You can cut costs by choosing the software developing company from whom you’ve purchased the software. They have a special place for you in their hearts. Thus they’ll take care of your project with care. 

 5. Priority Support

Communication is key. And an established software company knows its value. Once you hand over your installation project to them, they pay attention to the sprints and assist you with the necessary credentials via a priority support team.  So you clearly know what’s going on with your project. 

6. Top Quality Installation

Since they know what they’re doing, they strictly focus on the quality of project installation by assigning the best technical specialists to your work. They test and verify the product until 100% quality is ensured and then deliver it. 

7. Safeguard Your Data

When you transfer the software installation responsibility to the original authors, they will protect your data & ensure information safety. There’s no chance of potential bugs or malware, and guarantees a 100% safe installation.

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Freelance Developer

While partnering up with a freelancer might look like a cost-savor at first. But in the long run, it can cause your business to shut down. 

This is alarming. We know. But this scenario is not new to the industry. Try and make sure you’re on the ‘solid ground’. 

Hiring a freelance developer for software installation has a few undeniable risks that you must not avoid. 

  • Freelancers don’t offer a complete setup nor guarantee software quality.
  • They might resell/repurpose your valuable data to third parties. 
  • Leave malicious codes so the money you’re earning actually goes into their pockets.
  • They cannot provide all the skillsets you can get from a full-fledged team. 
  • Freelance developers usually lack accountability due to variable workloads. 
  • Unlike expert development teams, freelancers lack team collaboration opportunities.

Bottom Line

Hiring a freelance software developer may cut costs but increase your hassle and business risk.

A well-established software company like 6amTech offers priority-based software installation services for all its products. If you’ve already purchased their product or thinking of purchasing, be confident in your decision. Because they meet all the requirements of an ideal software company that you can rely on for your installation project. 


Shamsi Nur

Shamsi Nur

Say hello to Shamsi! A words warrior behind the tech scenes. She can slice and dice complex tech talk into everyday narratives. Shamsi aims to make tech simple and friendly so everyone feels welcome in the digital world. When not weaving words, you might find her talking to plants and doodling here and there!

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