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The Disadvantages of Null Software: How to Protect Your Business from Getting Hijacked

“Hi there, I bought your eCommerce software from a different website at a discounted rate. 

After I downloaded the script and installed it into my system, my computer (server) asked for a force reboot. After I rebooted my computer (server), a file without any script came up. But I’m clearly sure that I’ve downloaded and installed the right scripts. 

Any idea what this meant?”

“Hello, sir; if you haven’t purchased the script from our authorized platform (CodeCanyon), you must have downloaded a null software

We only sell our products from CodeCanyon and nowhere else. Please uninstall and remove the file from your computer & server ASAP! These files are corrupted.

Does it sound familiar to you? 

Software companies get these types of queries A LOT! 

Many people nowadays purchase nulled software without knowing and get their entire business into trouble

In today’s blog, I will dig deeper into the world of nulled software and how to save your business from getting HIJACKED. 

Are you ready to process the HARD TO SWALLOW PILL? 

Here it goes.

What is null software?

A null software is basically a pirated and unauthorized version of the original software. It contains malicious code which is re-distributed on the internet via a third-party website for free of cost or at a lesser price. 

Sometimes these nulled scripts can work without a license key. But it can jeopardize the future of your business in the long rung. 

Did you know that according to Statista, from 2020 to 2021, the total number of visits to software piracy sites reached 3.2 BILLION? China & Russian Federation are the top two countries regarding the number of visits to such sites. 

It’s INSANE, isn’t it?  

Can You Make Money By Using Nulled Software?

You can find nulled software on many websites, forums and social media groups. But can you make money by using nulled software? The answer: You Can. 

Using a nulled software is a bad idea because there are some unavoidable consequences that you can’t escape. 

First, it’s unethical. You’re using someone else’s work for free or at a lesser rate than the authentic software (which is also illegal). Don’t do that. Support the real team behind the software. It takes hundreds of hours to design, develop, and publish the product.

Secondly, it contains MALWARE. This makes you an easy target for smart guys to collect your precious data and make money out of it. 

You can make money, but it doesn’t guarantee that all of your money will go into your pocket.

Here are some crucial disadvantages of null software

  1. Security breach

Nulled software leaves security breaches in your server. That can cause data theft, alteration, and destruction of confidential or protected information. It can cause long-term legal consequences as well. 

  1. No support

The null software provider will not give you any after-sales support. They will not look out for your comfort if you face any problem during software installation or operation. 

  1. Zero updates

Once you purchase the software in nulled version, you have no further relationship with your author. Which means you have no access to future updates of the software. 

  1. Consists malware 

It usually consists of malware that creates backdoors or grants remote control access to cybercriminals and causes system crashes, freezes, or slow performance. It can also invade privacy by monitoring and recording user activities without consent.

  1. Discourage developers

Developers need money to develop new features for the authentic software they’ve built. If you purchase nulled software, you discourage the real innovation that could bring a massive change in an industry. 

So what do you think you should do? 

But, Is It Illegal To Use Nulled Software?

Of course, it is. Every software is copyrighted by its legal owner. Suppose you purchase a 6amTech’s software from CodeCanyon; it reserves the right to protect all the codes from third-party use. CodeCanyon can also claim charges against you, the null seller, and take legal action. 

So think before you act. 

Yet, some people would still choose nulled software. And scam developers will keep making them for money. Which, in the end, drowns the actual user of the system. 

How To Save Your Business From Getting Hijacked By A Null Software

So what to do if you downloaded a null software without knowing? Just DELETE IT. And see how it behaves. 

Choose the authentic, authorized, and official platform to purchase the software. 

Here are some factors you can consider on how to detect null software:

  1. Suspicious provider

Nulled software is often found in unofficial or untrusted sources, such as file-sharing websites, torrent sites, or unauthorized download links. Be cautious when downloading software from such sources.

  1. Modified files

It may contain modified files or code to remove licensing checks or restrictions. Comparing the files of the suspected software with the original version from the official source might reveal discrepancies.

  1. Disabled features

It often disables certain features only available in the paid or licensed version. If you notice essential features missing or deactivated, it could indicate that the software is a nulled version.

  1. Broken functionality

You can see unstable behavior, crashes, or unexpected errors due to the modifications made to the original code. This can be a sign that the software is nulled.


Now that you’ve reached the conclusion of this blog, you might feel insecure about how to choose the software provider so that you can prevent your business from getting hijacked. 

If you want to purchase 6amTech’s authentic software, visit our CodeCanyon portfolio and choose your favorite one. 

See you in the next blog. 


Shamsi Nur

Shamsi Nur

Say hello to Shamsi! A words warrior behind the tech scenes. She can slice and dice complex tech talk into everyday narratives. Shamsi aims to make tech simple and friendly so everyone feels welcome in the digital world. When not weaving words, you might find her talking to plants and doodling here and there!

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