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Terms and Conditions for 6amTech’s Monthly Services

Welcome to 6amTech! These Terms and Conditions outline the rules that govern your use of our Monthly Paid Services. By accessing or using them, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.

Priority Support

We strive to provide exceptional support to our valued users. Priority support is available from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM Bangladesh Time (GMT+6) from Sunday to Thursday. This includes any type of conversational support.

Priority Technical Support

Priority technical support is offered from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Bangladesh Time (GMT+6) from Sunday to Thursday. Please note that our office is closed on Friday and Saturday for the weekend.

WhatsApp Group Live Chat

Live chat support via WhatsApp groups is offered from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM Bangladesh Time (GMT+6) from Sunday to Thursday. Exclusive package users can include a maximum of 2 members, while Elite package users can have up to 5 members from their side to join the group.

Upcoming Release Roadmap

Clients will receive the roadmap for upcoming releases as part of their plan. Upon request, clients can obtain the detailed (upcoming) release roadmap for their specific product at any time.

Dedicated Support Manager

As a part of the service, 6amtech will assign a dedicated support manager for each client. The manager will oversee the plan and remain available throughout the duration of the package. 

They will proactively monitor the plan details, and usage to understand specific needs. The support manager will assist with any queries and ensure seamless assistance.

Weekly Follow-Up Meetings

We conduct weekly follow-up meetings as part of our service. Clients subscribed to the Exclusive package will have one meeting per week to discuss progress and address any questions. For the Elite package subscribers two meetings per week will be conducted to provide in-depth progress reviews and ensure the value of the chosen plan.

Postman Collections

We will provide the Postman Collections if you require it. We only give the Postman Collections for the respective products of the latest stable release. 

Bug Fixes

We ensure the timely resolution of system-related bugs. The timeframe for resolution will vary depending on the complexity of the issue.

25 Hours Customization

We offer customization tailored to your requirements within the elite package. It covers 25 hours of customization every month, valued (25 hrs x $25/hr) = $625. So you don’t need to depend on any third-party developers for customization and monitoring.

System Updates

Our service encompasses regular updates for both the admin panel and all associated applications. Also, our updates will seamlessly integrate any customizations you’ve implemented within the allowed parameters. This ensures your personalized software experience remains consistent with the latest version.

App Releases

We facilitate the release of new versions of applications on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. For applications not published by 6amTech, we require access to the JKS file for publication purposes.

System Maintenance

We take responsibility for ensuring the continuous uptime and smooth operation of the system, including managing project-specific servers and ensuring their security.

Disclaimer: We strive to continuously improve our services and may occasionally update these Terms and Conditions. We’ll notify you of any significant changes through appropriate channels. These Terms are governed and construed by 6amTech.

Please note that unused service hours or resources do not carry forward. And, any task which is not included in the package will be billed separately.