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Getting Started with 6amTech’s Webmaster Tools Setting

Making your eCommerce site more SEO-optimized is what 6amTech aims to do. With our ‘webmaster tools setting’ feature, you will get better search results and more website traffic. In this value-based article, we’re going to walk you through everything about Webmaster tools and how to use them in 6amTech’s products.

Definition of Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools are services from search engines like Google and Bing. They help you understand and improve how these search engines view your website. 

Why Use Webmaster Tools for Your eCommerce?

Google’s webmaster tools give you information about search queries that help people find your eCommerce website, traffic statistics, and possible improvements to boost your ranking. It shows the number of indexed URLs and links pointing to and within your site. Think of it as a powerful tool for an SEO audit. It helps you avoid common SEO mistakes by following its recommendations.

Types of Webmaster Tools & Their Features

There are two types of webmaster tools- 1. Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) and 2. Bing Webmaster Tools (formerly known as Bing Webmaster Center). 

Features of Google Search Console

  • Provides insights into your site’s performance in Google Search results.
  • Check the crawl rate and view statistics. 
  • Enables submission of XML sitemaps to Google. 
  • Indicates mobile usability issues on your site. 
  • Notifies if Google detects any manual actions taken against your site. 
  • Helps implement and troubleshoot structured data markup. 

Features of Bing Webmaster Tool

  • Provides data on clicks, impressions, and more for Bing and Yahoo.
  • Offers indexing insights, status, and issues. 
  • Allows submission and management of XML sitemaps. 
  • Gives mobile compatibility insights 
  • Allows webmasters to see the outbound links Bing sees.
  • Provides insights into backlinks and internal links. 

These tools are essential for an online store or eCommerce website as they provide valuable insights into your website’s performance and visibility on the web. They can help you understand how search engines see your site, identify issues that might be affecting your site’s performance, and provide recommendations on how to improve your site’s visibility in search results.

Here’s why it’s important to have a Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools verification code for your eCommerce website:

  • You can verify your website’s ownership using a verification code. You’ll have access to all the data and tools within Google Search Console that relate to your eCommerce store. 
  • Once verified, you gain access to crucial data such as search performance metrics, index coverage, mobile usability, etc., which are essential for optimizing your site’s performance. 
  • Receive alerts and notifications about issues affecting your site’s presence in Google Search, such as indexing errors, security issues, or manual actions. 

Remember, each tool requires you to verify ownership of your website before you can use their services. This is typically done by adding a meta tag to your site’s home page or uploading a file to your server. Once verified, you can start using the tools to monitor and improve your site’s performance in search results.

Google Search Console Verification

According to Google, the Google Search Console is a free service that allows website owners to monitor, maintain, and manage their site’s presence in Google Search results. It provides valuable insights into how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks your site and helps you optimize its visibility and performance.

Getting Started with Google Search Console in 6amTech’s Products

Now, let’s go through the steps to get started with Google Search Console for your online store:

1. Sign in to Google: Create one if you don’t have a Google account. If you do, just simply log in to that account.

2. Visit Google Search Console at https://search.google.com/search-console/

SS 1: Google Search Console Interface 

3. From there, choose “Domain” and paste your website’s URL. Here, we’re using the 6Valley demo user website’s URL- https://6valley.6amtech.com/

SS 2: 6Valley Demo User Website Interface

4. This will look like this 👇

SS 3: Google Search Console Interface with site link

5. After clicking ‘Continue’, you’ll receive a verification code that you need to copy.

SS 4: Verification Code for Domain Ownership

6. Then, log in to your 6Valley Admin Panel. (In this tutorial demonstration, we’re using the 6Valley demo admin panel. You’ll find the feature in the same process if you already own the paid version of 6Valley multi vendor eCommerce CMS.)

SS 5: 6Valley demo admin panel log in interface

7. Go to System Settings: You’ll find the ‘Basic SEO’ settings under the ‘Business Setup’ section. Go to the ‘Webmaster Tools’ tab from there and enter the HTML verification code that you copied from Google Search Console. Then, click ‘Submit.’

SS 6: (Path: 6Valley Admin Panel> System Settings> Business Setup> Basic SEO> Webmaster Tools)

8. Now, go back to your Google Search Console page and click ‘VERIFY’, and your website will be integrated.

9. You can also verify site ownership through DNS verification, Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

Bing Webmaster Tools Verification

According to Bing- the Bing Webmaster Tools is a free service provided by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. It helps Webmasters improve their site’s visibility in Bing and Yahoo search results. 

Now, let’s walk through the steps to get started with Bing Webmaster Tools for an eCommerce site:

Getting Started with Bing Web Master Tools in 6amTech’s Products

  1. Sign in to Bing Webmaster Tools:Open your web browser and navigate to the Bing Webmaster Tools website (https://www.bing.com/webmasters/).
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft or Google account (or create one if you don’t have one). 
  3. Add Your Website: After signing in, you can import your site from GSC (Google Search Console) if you already have one, by clicking on the ‘Import’ button on the left section. Or, you can click on the “Add” button on the right if you want to manually add your site URL. 

SS 1: Bing Webmaster Tools Interface 

4. We’re going to use the 6Valley demo user website, for example. Copy the link to the website from the address bar.

SS 2: 6Valley Demo User Website Interface

5. Enter the URL of your eCommerce site in the provided field and click “Add”.

SS 3: Domain link added manually 

6. After that, download the .xml file to your computer.

SS 4: Bing Site Verification Page 

7. The .xml file will look something like this 👇

SS 5: .xml file for 6Valley Demo User Websit

8. Now, we’re going to copy the user verification code (.xml file) and paste it back to the 6Valley admin panel’s Webmaster settings tab. Then click ‘Submit.’

9. Then, go back to the Bing Webmaster Tools page and click ‘Verify’, and your eCommerce site will be verified.

Benefits of Using 6amTech’s Webmaster Tools Feature

Using the Webmaster Tools to 6amTech’s eCommerce site will bring tons of SEO benefits to your business. This includes- 

  • Webmaster Tools that provide insights into your site’s performance, including indexing status, search visibility, and mobile usability. By monitoring these metrics, you can identify and address issues that may be impacting your site’s performance and user experience.
  • Optimize your site for search engines, improving its visibility in search results.
  • Understand how users interact with your site and enhance the user experience. You can identify and fix usability issues, improve page load times, and ensure mobile responsiveness for a more satisfying browsing and shopping experience for your customers.
  • Submit your eCommerce site’s XML sitemap to search engines, ensuring that all your product pages are properly indexed and crawled. 
  • Webmaster Tools alert you to any security issues detected on your eCommerce site, such as malware or phishing attacks.
  • Get valuable analytics and reports on your site’s performance, including organic traffic, total impression, average CTR, and average keywords position on SERP. By analyzing these insights, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your eCommerce strategy and drive more sales.


At 6amTech, we work for the betterment of your eCommerce business. Thus we bring new and innovative features to help you sustain your business. I hope this knowledge-based article has helped you with your queries.



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