Top 10 Most Popular Grocery Delivery Apps in 2022

Top 10 Most Popular Grocery Delivery Apps in 2022

Top 10 Most Popular Grocery Delivery Apps in 2022


Who’d have guessed that buying groceries would become as simple as a few clicks? However, as grocery delivery app development evolves, it has become much easier for customers to order their daily/monthly groceries with only a few clicks.

The rise of on-demand necessities is a trend evolving over the previous decade or so. Apps like Uber, Amazon, Postmates, Instacart, and others have made it convenient to fulfil all of your wants without leaving your cozy bed. 

You can get practically everything delivered to your house with these applications on your phone. On-demand enables you to live a life of comfort where items are delivered to you based on your needs rather than their availability.

Grocery shopping has never been more enjoyable, thanks to online grocery apps. The most fantastic grocery app makes shopping for groceries from an online retailer a pleasure.

You will be enlightened about the world’s most dependable and widely used grocery applications. Do you want to discover which apps made our top ten list for grocery shopping in 2022? Take a look at them below!

List of the 10 Best On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps

Instead of opposing change, grocery stores have understood the value of digitization and are beginning to see the opportunities that on-demand may provide. Many grocery stores have gone on-demand. As a result, there are a variety of on-demand grocery applications on the market. A few of these players will be covered further down.

Top 10 Most Popular Grocery Delivery Apps in 2022


GroFresh is a grocery delivery app script with multi-branch support for supermarkets, pharmacies, eCommerce, and store products. This grocery delivery script includes six distinct modules that will assist you in running your business more quickly and efficiently.

You may select available times for Items in this technologically advanced grocery delivery software, and clients can place planned orders.

This grocery delivery app script includes a number of payment gateways. All of them are well-known, and you may get started right away.

The most crucial feature is that the GroFresh grocery delivery system is all-inclusive. An admin panel, branch panel, online frontend, mobile user apps, and mobile delivery guy apps will all be provided.

This is a grocery delivery script that works on both iOS and Android devices (Flutter App).

GroFresh is a mobile app that has undergone rigorous UI/UX design. As a result, the app is incredibly user-friendly, and your users will be delighted once they have installed it.


Customers can shop at local grocery stores via Instacart’s mobile app or website, generating a virtual shopping cart completed by a “personal shopper” on a set day. Instacart often provides same-day delivery within a five-hour timeframe for consumers who need groceries right away. Shoppers can go to their preferred retailer and then deliver the item using their vehicle on the same day, or they can organize an order in advance for shipment on a different day.

Because Instacart does not sell groceries, if something you’ve ordered is out of storage or unavailable, your shopper will contact you via the app and work with you to locate a suitable replacement.


You may get free delivery with Postmates, one of the most popular grocery delivery apps, and there is no minimum cart value. It also allows you to sign up for a 7-day free offer and cancel at any moment.

Postmates allows you to order meals from your favourite places and deliver them to your door.

Furthermore, Postmates has several supermarkets listed under it from where you may get your daily necessities and have them delivered to your home.

However, one of the most remarkable aspects of Postmates is that it isn’t simply for meal delivery.

Postmates was founded on the idea that you could get anything delivered, and it’s steadily achieving that goal.

Depending on where you reside and which adjacent establishments are available, you can order delivery from some grocery stores, pharmacies, and even electronics and booze stores and takeout.

Amazon Fresh

The Amazon Prime app offers additional advantages to Amazon Prime subscribers. It provides other services in over 40 cities, including grocery shopping, restaurant cuisine, and anything else.

You can also get non-food things such as household goods, electronic appliances, clothing, etc.

Amazon Prime has partnered with big supermarkets to provide their customers with exclusive discounts and incentives. As a result, it’s now simple to take advantage of straightforward returns and refunds.

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s grocery pickup and delivery service, which is presently offered in more than a dozen US cities and a few overseas locations. You can make a grocery order online and have it delivered to your home using the Amazon Fresh website or the Amazon mobile app, or you can visit the store and pick up the finished order.

Anything you’d see in a grocery store aisle can be found and ordered through Amazon Fresh. Meats and deli goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned foods, ready-to-eat meals, and other items.


Shipt is a unique delivery system that lets you order things from your preferred local and national merchants.

Shipt offers delivery from a range of additional retail outlets in addition to groceries, allowing you to get everything from pet supplies to household items, pharmaceuticals, and baby products.

Shipt connects you with a courier who packs and serves your order right to your door after purchasing things from a retailer via the app or website.

During checkout, you can also provide extensive instructions for your shopper, such as delivery instructions and substitute choices if an item is out of stock.

Shipt also offers a variety of delivery alternatives, like self-pickup and scheduled or same-day deliveries.

Flipkart Supermart

Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce company, has launched this online grocery store. This software is more enticing because the platform is filled with fantastic discounts.

The Flipkart Supermarket is, as the name suggests, a supermarket. Users can quickly discover their desired food items here, ranging from spices to cereals to dairy products.

The app, which is available for iOS and Android, includes an outstanding feature called Buy Now Pay Later, which allows shoppers to purchase food on credit.


FreshDirect focuses on offering the freshest products to its consumers, as the name implies. People who are concerned about what they eat, want to know where it comes from, and are prepared to pay a premium for freshness are the primary target demographic for FreshDirect.

Fresh Direct is worth checking out if you’re worried about where your vegetables come from or whether your chicken is free-range. Fresh Direct gives descriptive information for many of its goods and daily quality ratings, so you fully know how your food arrived on your doorstep.

Walmart Grocery Delivery

The Walmart grocery delivery app is a Walmart shop extension. Walmart has been a household name in the United States for a long time, so people were taken aback when they announced their delivery service. People can locate most of the things they purchase in the store under this heading. This is a fantastic way to have groceries delivered directly to your house from your favourite supermarket. 

The procedure is simple; you have two alternatives for placing an order for groceries. The first option is to go straight to Walmart Grocery’s website and select your desired items. The second option requires the Walmart Grocery app to be installed. You’ll find a large assortment of groceries that’s almost as extensive as doing grocery shopping in person. You are not restricted to selecting only food; you can also include valuable goods such as hygiene and over-the-counter medications.

You may easily select a delivery time slot with Walmart delivery. The products are available at an extra cost ranging from $8 to $10. You can also obtain free delivery by signing up for a subscription that costs $13 per month or $100 per year.


Peapod has its own grocery shop, but other businesses run its delivery service. It’s also available in small towns and may be accessed via Android and iOS apps.

You can order your favourite groceries online, schedule delivery, and save money with Peapod.

Standard foodstuffs, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and so on, are available through this app. It also sells meal kits under its own name.

Unlike businesses like Shipt and Instacart, which rely on merchandise from other local stores, Peadpod sells items from its own inventory. Peapod is far more like a traditional grocery shop in this aspect than some of the other options on our list. Peapod’s online store is structured into “aisles,” and because most of the company’s merchandise is held in its own warehouses, customers can save money on shipping by picking up their orders.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods supplies veggies, fruits, and vegetables that aren’t as lovely as their store-bought versions, which is the catch. While some of your deliveries may not be picture-perfect, you are helping the environment and the supply chain by using this service. In the past, less-than-perfect foods were seen as throwaways and discarded.

Fruits, vegetables, and other grocery products are delivered to your home by one of the top on-demand grocery applications.

The app features one-of-a-kind offers and sales that you won’t find anywhere else.

After you sign up, a delivery date is allocated to you. This software has an excellent function in that it fills your cart based on your preferences, which you may change afterwards. You’ll save time hunting for and acquiring your favourite supermarket items.

In 2022, we’d like to wrap up our list of the best grocery delivery apps.

After reading this article, we hope that you will be able to locate an excellent grocery delivery app with all of the features you require.

You don’t need any genuine items or much full-time staff for an on-demand app. Your software and its functionality are the only assets you have; they are the only accurate items. Everything else can be regulated and handled, but your business is doomed to collapse if your app fails to meet the needs. To design an app that fits perfectly in this environment, you must first study the grocery market, discover what your customers need, and comprehend the current circumstances.


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