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6Valley vs Hexacom: Which CMS is Right for You?

In this current era, eCommerce is one of the most popular businesses in the world. Why wouldn’t it be? People with excellent business plans and visions are shining like stars in the eCommerce industry.

Are you one of those people with a robust plan and want to start an eCommerce business on your own? Choosing the right CMS is as critical as matching blood groups; one mistake and you are done!

Don’t worry. I got you covered!

6Valley and Hexacom are such products that can help people who are planning to run and become successful in their own eCommerce businesses.

In this article, I’ll walk you through 6Valley and Hexacom, explaining which product best suits your needs and how you can choose the right CMS for your business. So, keep reading till the end to discover the perfect CMS for you.

Let’s get started!

What is 6Valley?

6Valley is a powerful single and multi-vendor eCommerce CMS that provides a complete solution for creating and managing online stores.

It makes things simple for entrepreneurs to own pre-built, visually attractive and unique websites and applications for managing their online businesses with dynamic features. These features include customizable layouts (add-on), sophisticated product management tools, and integrated payment processing.

The responsive architecture ensures a consistent user experience across all devices, and its multilingual support allows sellers to reach a bigger audience. 6Valley also offers contemporary transportation and shipping administration features to assist sellers with their delivery services.

6Valley also offers multiple device support, ensuring maximum flexibility and productivity.

What is Hexacom?

Hexacom is a brand-centric single-vendor eCommerce CMS that provides a complete solution for creating and managing a business.

The biggest advantage of having Hexacom is the branching feature. If you have multiple branches of your business in different places, Hexacom is the perfect solution for you. Also, you can extend your business to multiple locations anytime, and you just need to add a new branch to the solution, and that’s it!

With our distinctive websites, apps’ and POS, you can easily manage your online and offline business in a single place. These features include rich statistics & reports, robust product administration tools, and integrated payment processes.

A seamless user experience is guaranteed by the responsive design, and its multi-language support enables you to reach a wider audience. To help you with the distribution services, Hexacom also provides cutting-edge transportation and shipment management features.

Hexacom also offers an Admin Panel, Branch Panel, User App, Delivery App, and Website, all in a package to boost your productivity.

What are the Similarities between 6Valley and Hexacom?

6Valley and Hexacom have several features that you will find available on both CMSs. Let’s see what the similarities between these products are.

Here are the common features of 6Valley and Hexacom:

  • Built-in Free POS.
  • Multi-category Product Management.
  • Promotion Management.
  • Multi Languages.
  • LTR & RTL Supported.
  • Product Wishlist.
  • Product Variant.
  • Smart Search Filter.
  • Order Tracking.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway.
  • Admin Dashboard.
  • Delivery Management.
  • Customer Management.

After seeing this much of similarities, you must be feeling confused. Don’t worry! In the following section, I’ll show the differences between these two products.

What are the Differences between 6Valley and Hexacom?

Despite having tons of similarities, these two CMSs are different products. So they must have unique features that are exclusively available in each product. Let’s see the features that distinguish each other.

Here are the differences between 6Valley and Hexacom:

Business ModeSingle-vendor solution.Both single-vendor and multi-vendor.
Branch PanelAvailable.Not available.
ProductsAdmin products.Admin products and seller products.
Support TicketNot available.Available.
Product TypePhysical products.Digital and physical products.
Single-brand Product ListingAvailable.Not available. (Multi-brand product listing)
Employee SetupNot Available.Available.
3rd-Party ShippingNot Available.Available.
Table: Differences between Hexacom and 6Valley.

What comes with 6Valley and Hexacom?

6Valley has some built-in features with some add-ons, whereas Hexacom offers everything as a built-in feature. Let’s see what you’ll get after purchasing these two products.

Here is what you’ll get with 6Valley & Hexacom:

CoreAdmin Panel.
Branch Panel.
User App.
Delivery Man App.
Admin Panel.
Store Panel.
User App.
Seller App
Add-ons💰N/ADelivery Man App.
Table: Core and Add-on products of Hexacom and 6Valley.

Business Scopes: 6Valley vs Hexacom

Using both Hexacom and 6Valley, you can establish your earnings on a respective position. With your prior knowledge, vision, and business strategies, you can outperform any business with the help of any of these products. Let’s see how you can earn from these two products.

Here are the business scopes of Hexacom and 6Valley:

Commissions from Sellers
Delivery Charge
In-House Products Sale
Seller’s Products
Table: Business scope for Hexacom and 6Valley.

6Valley vs Hexacom: Which one to Choose?

As you have a brief idea of our products, Hexacom and 6Valley, you can now decide which CMS will best fit your business. In case you still can’t decide which one to go for, follow my lead.

-> 6Valley is the way to go if you plan to sell digital/physical products with other sellers (multi-vendor) or thinking about maintaining your own business only.

-> If you have a brand or only want to sell your developed products (single-vendor) with the extension of multiple branches, Hexacom is the one you need.

Final Thoughts

You’re all set! I’ve laid out all the facts in this article to help you make a more informed decision between Hexacom and 6Valley. So, what’s the hold-up? Start your business using our eCommerce CMSs and get closer to becoming a business tycoon.

Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions on your mind regarding this topic. We are here to help you.


Pranto Mondol

Pranto Mondol

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