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6amMart or 6Valley: Which One Fits Best for Your Business

Having an eCommerce platform is crucial for businesses seeking to flourish in the digital era in today’s world. Around 73 million eCommerce websites are made with popular CMSs. 6amMart and 6Valley are two examples of such products (CMS), each with its own set of features and potency.

In this post, I’ll discuss the main differences between these two CMSs and how to decide which one is ideal for your multi-vendor eCommerce platform. I can assist you in unfolding the comparative features of 6amMart and 6Valley. Whether you’re focused on boosting your product management abilities or prioritizing efficient delivery capabilities, I’m here to help.

Without any further due, let’s get started!

What is 6amMart?

6amMart is a Multi-Purpose & Multi Vendor eCommerce solution that offers different types of businesses that an admin can control centrally. Its feature-stacked yet user-friendly user interface makes it one of the most popular products in the market.

Currently, 6amMart has Grocery, Pharmacy, Shop, Food, and Parcel modules. However, you can add more modules. You can have all these businesses running simultaneously in one place, and the best part is you can also manage them easily.

Sounds great, right? It is that awesome!

6amMart’s different business modules have diverse storefronts which are easily interchangeable and meet the requirements of various consumers.

Furthermore, the platform provides sophisticated delivery and shipping management features, enabling vendors to handle their delivery services effectively. The 6amMart CMS is also accessible in any devices, giving both sellers and buyers maximum freedom and accessibility.

Now, let’s see what 6Valley is all about.

What is 6Valley?

6Valley is a robust multi vendor eCommerce CMS that offers businesses a comprehensive solution for building and maintaining online shops.

6Valley makes it simple for vendors to build aesthetically appealing and distinctive websites and apps to manage their online businesses with dynamic features. These features include customizable templates (add on), sophisticated product administration tools, and integrated payment processing.

The solution’s responsive design guarantees a seamless user experience across all devices, and its multilingual support enables vendors to reach a larger audience. Furthermore, 6Valley provides modern delivery and shipping management features to help sellers handle their delivery services.

6Valley also offers a mobile app, web, and admin panel version of its CMS, ensuring maximum flexibility and productivity.

What are the Similarities Between 6amMart and 6Valley CMS?

As 6amMart and 6Valley are both CMS, they have many features in common. Now let’s see the similarities between 6amMart and 6Valley.

Here are the common features between 6amMart and 6Valley:

  • Multi-Vendor.
  • Built-in Free POS.
  • Employee Role Setup.
  • Product Management.
  • Promotion Management.
  • Admin & Seller Dashboard.
  • Multiple Languages (RTL enabled).
  • Multiple Currencies.
  • Delivery Management.
  • Transaction Report Analytics.
  • User Management.

What are the Differences Between 6amMart and 6Valley CMS?

Feeling confused after seeing so many similarities?

Don’t worry. I got your back!

Though there are many common features that 6amMart and 6Valley share, they have some key features that differentiate them from each other.

Here are the differences between 6amMart and 6Valley:

Business ModeMulti-vendorSingle-vendor & multi-vendor
ModuleMultiple business modulesSingle business module
ProductsSeller/store productsIn-house and seller products
Delivery Man TypeFreelancer and salary-based delivery menSalary-based delivery men
Product TypePhysical productsDigital and physical products
Parcel DeliveryYesNo
Payment MethodEndless online payment methodsOnline and offline payment methods
Admin DeliveryStore/seller can vigorously choose to deliver through his delivery menAdmin can disable seller’s delivery men and use his delivery men
Seller DeliveryYesYes (but can be controlled by admin)
International Shipping SupportNoYes
Table: Differences between 6amMart and 6Valley.

What Comes with 6amMart and 6Valley?

You must be wondering, “what do I get after purchasing any of these two products?” Both 6amMart and 6Valley come with built-in panels, apps, and add-ons. Let’s see what those are.

Here are what you will get after buying 6amMart and 6Valley CMS:

Core✅Admin Panel.
Store Panel.
User App.
Admin Panel.
Store Panel.
Seller App.
User App.
Add-ons💰Delivery Man App.
Store App.
Delivery Man App.
Table: Core and Add-on products of 6amMart and 6Valley.

Business Scope: 6amMart vs 6Valley

Using both 6amMart and 6Valley, you can establish your earnings on a respective position. With your prior knowledge, vision, and business strategies, you can outperform anyone with the help of any of these products. Let’s see how you can earn from these two products.

Here is the business scope of 6amMart and 6Valley:

Sales Commission
Delivery Charge
Admin Products Sale
(But manageable through creating a store)
Multiple Business
Table: Business scope for 6amMart and 6Valley.

6amMart vs 6Valley: Which CMS Fits Best for Your Business?

As you have a brief idea of 6amMart and 6Valley, you can now decide which CMS will be the best fit for your business. In case you still can’t decide which one to go for, follow my lead.

-> If you want to start multiple businesses (grocery, pharmacy, shop, food, parcel, etc.) within a single platform, 6amMart is the one you need.

-> If you want to sell your products (digital/physical) along with other sellers’ products or maintain only your business, 6Valley is the best option.

The Bottom Line

There you go! In this article, I have put all the information on the table so that you can choose between 6amMart and 6Valley quickly and more precisely. So why are you still waiting? Get your desired CMS, and fulfill your long-cherished dream of being an entrepreneur.

If you have any further queries, feel free to comment down below. We’ll be available to provide all the information you seek.


Pranto Mondol

Pranto Mondol

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