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404 Logs in 6amTech’s Products

404 Logs” are just records kept by a web server. They keep track of when visitors hit a “404 error,” meaning the page they’re looking for isn’t found. These logs show details like when it happened, what page was missing, where they came from, and what device they used. It’s basically a way to keep tabs on these errors so you can fix them and make your website better.

In this knowledge-based article, we’re going to cover all you need to know about 404 Logs.

What Are 404 Logs?

404 logs are records a website keeps, showing when visitors can’t find a page they’re looking for. These logs help website owners find and fix broken links or missing pages.

How Does 6amTech’s ‘404 Logs’ Feature Help Your eCommerce?

At 6amTech’ we’ve implemented the ‘404 logs’ feature to all our eCommerce solutions for you keep track of ‘404 errors’ of your website. This helpful tool lets you understand when and why this error occurred and quickly fix any broken links or missing pages. So that it’s easier for customers to browse your site and find what they want to buy. 

How Do the ‘404 Logs’ Work in 6amTech’s Products?

The ‘404 logs’ feature in 6amTech’s products works by tracking instances when visitors encounter a 404 error. The website or web server records the details about the ‘404 error’ in the ‘404 logs’ page that you can directly view from 6amTech’s Basic SEO section.

This ‘404 logs’ include- 

  • When the 404 error occurred (date and time).
  • The URL of the page that the visitor is requesting to access.
  • The URL of the webpage that contained the error link. 
  • Information about the visitor’s web browser or device.
  • IP address of the visitor’s device.
404 logs

SS: 404 Logs UI in 6amTech’s eCommerce Solution

This information is logged by the web server for each 404 error encountered by visitors. Website owners can then access these logs to analyze and identify patterns in the errors, such as broken links or missing pages.

By reviewing the 404 logs, you can take corrective action to address broken links, missing pages, or other issues that may be causing 404 errors. This may involve fixing links, redirecting URLs, restoring missing pages, or updating website content.

Why Do 404 Errors Occur?

404 errors occur when a web server cannot find the requested webpage. This can happen for several reasons, including-

  • Broken links
  • Deleted or moved pages
  • Typographical errors
  • Expired content
  • Server configuration issues

These errors can result in poor performance and user experience. To prevent these errors from happening, 6amTech has included the 404 logs. 

Why Are ‘404 Logs’ Important?

‘404 logs’ refer to the records of ‘404 errors’, while “Error 404” refers to the actual error itself. Both are important in the context of web development and maintenance. With the ‘404 logs’ report, website owners can trace down the broken links of your website and fix them. 

Here are some great importance of ‘404 logs’: 

  • Enhance SEO performance

Search engines can give penalties to websites that have numerous ‘404 errors’, as they signal poor maintenance and can lead to a negative impact on search engine rankings. 

  • Identify broken links and missing pages

With a multi-vendor eCommerce platform, there are numerous product listings, category pages, and seller profiles. It’s common for links to break due to product deletions, changes in vendor URLs, or other reasons. The 404 logs feature helps identify these broken links and missing pages across the platform.

  • Increase user trust and engagement

When customers encounter broken links and missing pages while browsing an eCommerce platform, it can increase bounce rate and cause low traffic. But ‘404 logs’ can help fix these issues by tracking the errors so website owners can ensure that customers have a smooth and uninterrupted shopping experience. 

  • Optimize marketing efforts

Understanding which pages are generating 404 errors can provide insights of the website that needs improvement or optimization. For example, if certain product categories consistently result in broken links, it may indicate that the page needs better organization or navigation. By optimizing these areas, website owners can improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and drive more targeted traffic to their websites. 

  • Ensure safety 

404 logs reports help identify potential security threats within your eCommerce site. For example, if website owners identify a large number of 404 errors on their 404 logs from a single IP address, chances are some malicious bot or hacker is trying to steal your data. 


404 logs enable website owners to proactively address issues before they negatively impact visitors’ browsing experiences, leading to increased customer satisfaction, retention, and overall website success.



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