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6POS - The Ultimate Modern Point of Sale Solution

A Modern Point of Sale Solution With Stock Management System for your business that helps to manage sales, suppliers, customers and handles quick orders & generates receipts.

6pos-A modern Point of Sale-POS system solutions for your business
6pos-Total Revenue
6pos-Earning Statistics

What You’ll Get with 6POS?

6POS comes with a web panel and a mobile app so that you can get the maximum flexibility to manage sales & stock of your business.

Web Panel

Sale products and manage suppliers & customers through the web panel.

Mobile App

Same functionalities as the web panel packed in a user-friendly mobile app.

Scan the QR code to download the app

Demo QR Code Mobile App V1.4

Best Features of 6POS

What sets 6POS apart from regular POS systems is that it help you to manage your sales, products, suppliers and customers simultaneously.

How Does 6POS Work?

Experience the simplest sales process with the 6POS web panel and app. Just follow these steps to get started.

6pos-quick shop setup

Quick Shop Setup

Start setting up your shop with the shop information and VAT Registration number.

6pos-add new suppliers

Add New Suppliers

Add suppliers to your system for purchasing products for your business.

6pos-Product Management-Set up new categories and subcategories

Product Management

Set up new categories & subcategories and then add new products to your shop.

Add Discount Coupons

Create coupons for the customers of your shop to make them engage & buy more.

6pos-manage orders and customers

Manage Orders & Customers

Manage your customers, including walking customers and quickly generate sales.

6pos-Add and manage accounts for various purposes

Manage Accounts

Add and manage accounts for various purposes such as payable, receivable, cash, etc.

Built with Latest Technologies

Help you to run 6POS on any device and operating system.



6pos-built with latest technologies

6POS Pricing

Upgrade your business operation at an affordable price.

Regular License


Use the powerful 6POS to smoothen your sales operation and supply chain management!

Digitalize Your Sales with Easy Installation

Ready to start with 6POS? Just install, configure and your system is ready to go. We've got the documentation to help with installation. If you prefer, we can do the installation process in the meantime, you can focus on your store.

6pos-digitalize your-sales with easy installation


Let’s see what users ask most frequently about 6POS.

1. What is 6POS?

6POS is a fully functional advanced POS system created with Laravel and Flutter Framework.

Indeed, you have the flexibility to integrate 6POS with any local businesses in your area seamlessly.

No, 6POS is so user-friendly that it doesn’t require any bulky POS machine to work on. You can use any mobile device or computer to run 6POS.

Yes, you can customize it by adding your business logo, contact information, promotional messages and other details while setting up 6POS.

Of course, 6POS makes it easy to import or export lots of products for your business with its bulk import and export feature.

Upgrade Your Business Today with 6POS!