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6Cash - Digital Wallet Software and Mobile App Solutions

Start your own digital wallet business with 6Cash solution and create an independent digital payment method for customers.

6cash-Digital Wallet and Mobile App Solutions Dashboard
6cash-total generate eMoney-graph
6pos-top transaction

What’s Included with 6Cash?

6Cash has all the essential Laravel panels & Flutter apps for you to start your digital wallet business right away!

Admin Panel

Manage the entire system, distribute e-money, and set business rules.

Customer App

Send or transfer money to other 6Cash wallet and add money as well.

Merchant Panel

Merchant can receive product or service payments to their 6Cash wallets.

Agent App

Agents can send money, withdraw, and receive e-money to their wallets.

Scan the QR code to download the app

Demo QR Code User APP V4.3

Scan the QR code to download the app

Demo QR Code Agent APP V4.3

6Cash Source Code for Cross-Platform Performance

6Cash comes with a clean source code with various payment & SMS gateway integration feature.

Technologies & Platforms

6cash-android logo


6cash-ios apple logo


6cash-flutter logo


6cash-laravel logo


SMS Gateways

6cash-twilio logo


6cash-nexmo logo


6cash-msg91 logo


6cash-2-factor logo

2 Factor

Payment Gateways

6cash-stripe logo
6cash-paypal logo
6cash-razorpay logo
6cash-sslcommerz logo
6cash-mercado pago logo
6cash-flutterwave logo
6cash-bkash logo
6cash-paymob accept-logo
6cash-senang pay logo
6cash-Paystack logo

Best Features of 6Cash

Explore the amazing features of the 6Cash digital wallet solution with detailed business logic.

Generate e-Money

Create e-Money and transfer to all 6Cash agents and customers.

6cash-Digital Wallet add money features

Add Money

Accept add money requests from all agents & transfer e-Money.

6cash-digital wallet cash in features

Cash In

Agents & customers can cash into their 6Cash wallets from Admin.

6cash-digital wallet easy cashout features


Customers can request cashout from nearby 6Cash agents anytime. 

Send Money

Customers can send money to another 6Cash wallet from 6Cash app.

6cash-Digital wallet Withdraw Request features

Withdraw Request

Admin can accept 6cash merchant’s withdrawal requests from the panel.

Withdraw Method

Add multiple withdrawal methods for merchants such as card or bank.

Manage Commissions

Manage Commissions

Set commission charges for each transaction & make a profit everytime.

Set Purpose

Customers can add purposes before sending money to other users.

Add Money Bonus

Give bonuses to agents & customers for completing add money target. 


Customers can shop from anywhere and pay 6Cash merchants via wallet. 

6cash-digital wallet login verification features

Login Verification

Secured login option for agents & customers with smart face recognition. 

6cash-digital wallet transaction limits features

Transaction Limits

Set daily & monthly transaction limits for add, request and send money, etc. 

6cash-digital wallet LTR and RTL features


Add any language (with LTR & RTL support) to the 6Cash system for users.

6cash-digital wallet payment and sms features

Payment & SMS

Integrate famous payment & SMS gateways for convenient transactions.

6cash-digital wallet multiple theme features

Multiple Theme

Choose from two of the best app theme that suits your users' needs. 

6cash-digital wallet promotional banners features

Promotional Banners

Add linked websites to the agent & customer app for promotional use. 

6cash-digital wallet qr code scan and share features

QR Code Scan & Share

Unique QR code available for all users with scanning & sharing option. 

    Make a Profit in Every Transaction!

    As an admin, you will get profit from each transaction with the 6Cash solution.

    From Customers

    Cash-out Charge

    Withdraw Charge

    Send Money Charge

    Withdraw Charge

    Withdraw Charge


    Easy-to-Use 6Cash Customer App

    With the 6Cash customer app, users can send, add, withdraw, and request money.

    Send Money

    Choose a Number

    Choose your desired 6Cash number to send money.

    Choose your desired 6Cash number to send money

    Enter Amount

    Enter the amount you want to send to the recipient.

    Enter the amount you want to send to the recipient

    Enter PIN & Send

    Finally, enter your PIN & swipe right to send money.

    Select Purpose

    [Optional] Choose a purpose for your sending money.


    Developed with The Business Logic in Mind

    If you’re about to start a digital wallet business, then 6Cash is the compact solution you’ve been looking for.

    6cash-Developed with The Business Logic in Mind

    How to Get Started with 6Cash?

    As the owner of 6Cash Digital Wallet solution, you will get the maximum share of the profit! Here’s what you need to get started-

    6cash-set up your digital wallet business

    Set up Your Business

    First, you need to set up your business and rules, such as transaction limits.

    6cash-add agents your digital wallet

    Add Agents

    After that, you can add unlimited agents or accept agent’s joining requests.

    6cash-add merchants in your digital wallet

    Add Merchants

    Then, add new merchants with required information & set link to their website.

    6cash-set up various commissions in your digital wallet

    Set up Various Commissions

    Now it’s time to set transaction charges for cash out, withdraw, send money, etc.

    6cash-make profit on every transaction by your digital wallet

    Make Profit on Every Transaction

    Finally, time to sit back and relax while you make a profit from every transaction!

    6Cash Pricing

    Get a detailed overview of 6Cash pricing and choose the best!



    License Type: Regular



    License Type: Regular
    Premium Addons Included

    6Cash Agent App

    Regular License $29

    Extended License $99


    6Cash - Digital Wallet Mobile App with Laravel Admin Panel

    Start your own digital wallet business with 6Cash solution and create an independent digital payment method for customers.

    6cash-digital wallet mobile app with laravel admin panel
    6cash-digital wallet FAQs

    6Cash FAQs

    Learn the real-life questions about 6Cash

    1. What is 6Cash?

    6Cash is a complete digital wallet solution. With 6Cash, you can create an independent payment gateway that various users (agents, merchants, customers) can use to make a payment or transfer e-money within seconds.

    Of course, you can. As you’re the admin, you have the authority to set daily & monthly transaction limits for all users, such as agents, merchants, and customers. 

    Start Your Digital Wallet Business Today!

    6cash-start your digital wallet business today